Watch Bad Bunny’s historic Coachella headlining set

Bad Bunny made history again last night, as the first Spanish-language headliner of coachella. He opened his set with a pre-recorded monologue in Spanish expressing his gratitude for getting the chance to give this historic performance, and at one point he asked the crowd if they prefer he speak in English or Spanish, to which the crowd responded by cheering for the latter. He played for two hours, with appearances from Post Malone (who had some technical difficulties), Jhayco, Jowell & Randand Nengo Flow, and his set also featured dancers, elaborate visuals, an on-screen tribute to the styles of Caribbean music that Bad Bunny’s music is inspired by, a jet ski, and more. His hits-filled set by him opened with “Tití Me Pregunto” and was heavy on songs from last year’s excellent A summer without you, and he also did other fan faves like “DÁKITI,” “Yo Perreo Sola,” “La Canción,” “Si Veo a Tu Mamá,” “Estamos Bien,” his verse from Cardi B’s “I Like It,” and more . desde Guardian‘s review:

The ambition – all the guests, the Latin music 101 interludes, the spotlight on dancers and the forefathers of reggaeton – was held together, ultimately, by staggering charisma. Bad Bunny beckons, commands, opens his heart of him, and the people listen, whether they understand Spanish or not. I haven’t seen a superstar finale with as few phones in the air as in his final number from him, Después de la Playa, a sexy come-on with a driving mambo beat. Some people filmed; everyone else danced. Bad Bunny exited the stage and the band kept playing, the dancers still flexing, people still mambo-ing, the party still going even as it was ending.

Watch Bad Bunny’s full set by rewinding the livestream, which is embedded below, and check out his full setlist:

Bad Bunny @ Coachella 2023 Setlist (via)
marmoset asked me
moscow mule
Cooler (Set Change)
If I See Your Mom (New version)
The hard
The Saint (With intro of “A Tu Merced”)
Go away (With intro of “But Ya No”)
Another night in Miami (With intro of “Ser Bichote” / shortened)
We Are Good (with Intro Neither Good nor Bad)
if we were together
Te Boté (Remix) (New version/ shortened)

Interlude (Salsa Mix: Las Tumbas/ Aguanile/ Witchcraft)

I Like It (Cardi B cover) (Shortened)
The blackout
Interlude (Reggaeton History Interlude)
Safaera (with Jowell & Randy)
I perreo alone
A coconut

The song (J Balvin & Bad Bunny cover) (with Post Malone)
Yonaguni (with Post Malone) (Acapella due to technical problems with the guitar.)

B Stage:
DÁKITI (Bad Bunny & Jhay Cortez cover) (with Jhay Cortez)
Tarot (with Jhay Cortez)
He doesn’t know me (Jhay Cortez cover) (with Jhay Cortez)

To Stage:
I behave pretty
After the beach

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