“We are not at war against our body”


“We are not at war against our bodies.” Word of Camila Cabello, the 24-year-old actress and singer who will be Cindella in sony’s new musical, he lets it be known away TikTok, sharing on the Net an important message of body positivity in which it reiterates that tutti the bodies are not the same and it’s fine così.

Camila, paired with her colleague Shawn Mendes for almost two years, in this clip that is entitled I luv my bodyRivela that she felt insecure in looking at her belly while she had gone running.

«I was just running to the park and thinking about my own facts while trying to keep fit and healthy,” he explains, “when I noticed that the top I was wearing left my belly uncovered and was not flat,” he continues as he moves the lens down to frame his short black top and workout pants. “And I wasn’t hiding my belly,” he says, “because I was running and I wasn’t there to fix my pants every second.” At that point Camila said to herself “Damn, I’m feeling ashamed for my body”».

But this feeling, he says again, lasted only a few seconds: “Immediately I remembered that it is no longer time to be at war against my body”. And again: «I am grateful for this body which allows me to do what I have to do. We are real women with curves and cellulite, stretch marks and fat. We are human and that’s okay.”


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