Weight gain and extra pounds could depend on the lack of this essential vitamin, here’s how to integrate it to lose weight and stay healthy

Vitamins are an organic compound that the body requires in limited quantities, but which are essential for its proper functioning. Among these, a key role is played by vitamin D, a vitamin useful for various functions.

Vitamin of the Sun

Its best known function relates to the bones. In fact, vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium essential for bone health, preventing diseases such as osteoporosis.

But vitamin D also seems to play a key role in the prevention of diseases such as senile dementia and hypertension. Even depression seems to improve in part with good levels of vitamin D. Therefore the benefits of vitamin D on health seem to be infinite, in fact it would also play a key role in stimulating the immune system.

Weight gain and extra pounds could depend on the lack of this essential vitamin, here’s how to integrate it to lose weight and stay healthy

A lack of vitamin D would cause and affect various problems, such as obesity. In fact, in a study published in the journal of Clinical Endocrinolgy & Metabolism, it is highlighted that the majority of obese children have a severe deficiency of vitamin D.

In fact, hypovitaminosis D would favor the accumulation of adiposity. As it would cause an increase in thyroid hormone, PTH which in turn would stimulate lipogenesis.

However, it is still not entirely clear whether it is the increase in body fat that inhibits vitamin D or whether it is vitamin D deficiency that affects body weight gain.

Where is it and how to take it

D is a vitamin that is not readily available from food, in fact, the greatest form of supply would come from sunlight.

To fill up on vitamin D, the best solution would seem to be sun exposure. To reach the right dose it would seem essential to expose yourself to sunlight with uncovered skin.

In fact, we usually recommend direct sun exposure, for at least 10 minutes, without the use of sunscreen. To be subsequently spread on the skin for a more prolonged exposure.

However, exposure could be compromised by seasonality and other factors such as pollution, so it is advisable to balance with food supplements.

In fact, in the case of basic levels of vitamin D, it is advisable to contact your doctor. So that it can be supplemented through the use of vials, vitamin D-based pills. In addition, the integration should take place together with vitamin K2.

However, it is also possible to take it in small quantities through food. But only some foods have a fair amount of it, such as herring, salmon and egg yolk.

Well, weight gain and extra pounds could be due to a lack of this essential vitamin.


Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and kidney stones could be the consequence of an abuse of this mineral that many take

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