Welcome to the era of the new slavery: the ideal slave is the one who loves his own chains

There science and medicine alone is not enough to understand what has been happening for two years now. There medicine and science are important but are not enough to account for life, for the meaning of things and for this emergency.

We should also rely on poetry, literature, art and philosophy. It would then be necessary to reread Ken Kesey’s novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” from 1962. The theme is perhaps mainly known for its film performance thanks to a spending of Jack Nicholson. The events take place in a psychiatric hospital, where the patients lead lives of childish senselessness and are despoticly guarded in a totalitarian manner by the great nurse. The protagonist Jack Nicholson, in the film, immediately matures rebellious and unconformist positions, not willing to accept things as they are. He does everything he can to free the inmates, he does so by exhorting them not to respect the norms of the Institute and aimed only at making the inmates suffer. In the end he manages to restore the inmates of the hospital to freedom even if the ending has a tragic aspect.

The protagonist painfully discovers that prisoners are not prisoners against their will, on the contrary they all accept theirs condition of captivity with a dark desire to serve since they are afraid of the outside world and what the vertigo of freedom entails. In short, they prefer the quiet servitude disciplined of the great nurse to the dangerous freedom of the outside world. This is a stunning image of the totalitarianism and perhaps also of the present situation we are experiencing.

Men are not just deprived of freedom but they wish to be, by choosing the security reasons. The ideal slave is the one who loves his chains because he fears freedom or ignores its vital importance. Just as in the psychiatric hospital of the novel we are dealing with an institution that is certainly totalitarian, despotic and repressive but which is perceived as such as to guarantee safety, protection, albeit in terms of loss of freedom fundamental rights and even all those elements that combine to make life something worth living.

There are the essential elements to reason about our situation, perhaps we have all been interned for two years in a large apparently loving psychiatric hospital. Great Nurse that with the promise of safety and protection is condemning us to a life not worth living without the freedom and fundamental conditions of living that alone can make a life worth living.

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