What are the benefits of WellWo’s workplace wellness program?

What are the benefits of WellWo's workplace wellness program?

The strategies of wellness corporate They seek to increase the well-being of employees at work, on the basis that a calm and comfortable worker increases the company’s productivity. According to the European Network for Promotion and Health at Work, for every euro invested in promoting the well-being of employees, the company recovers between €2.5 and €4. Bearing this reality in mind, WellWo, the comprehensive occupational health and wellness company, has designed comprehensive wellness that allow organizations to become healthy spaces for their employees.

Occupational health and well-being for the worker

This methodology is responsible for putting the worker and their well-being at the center of all the decisions of the human resources department. For WellWo, it is not possible for a company to increase its productivity and performance rates if the conditions of its employees are not improved. In this sense, in addition to worrying about having spaces and activities that benefit the worker in his working dayit is also necessary to pay Comprehensive care for employees in all aspects of their livesso that in this way changes can be introduced that improve their daily lives.

The Wellness method seeks to generate a positive impact on health, following a comprehensive system of 6 pillars. Each one of them focuses on an aspect of the worker’s bodily, mental and spiritual health, whose articulation generates a greater benefit than would be obtained if they were addressed separately. Among these pillars, the Physical Healththe nutritional healththe environmental Health, the emotional healththe social health and the financial health. Thanks to its joint approach, it is possible to adopt healthy lifestyle habits efficiently, which, without a doubt, increase the employee’s work well-being and, consequently, the company’s performance.

Consulting in wellness corporate through Wellbeing

After implementing the strategy wellness In any company, it is highly likely that problems such as absenteeism will be reduced, the work environment will be improved, the motivation of the entire team will be increased and the flight of human talent will be avoided. For these reasons, WellWo invites all companies, regardless of the productive sector to which they belong, to hire its corporate Wellness consulting services and sign up for its Wellbeing platform. In it, employees will find videos and interactive material on the 6 pillars of comprehensive health, to put them into practice efficiently in their personal and work lives.

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