What are the dollar bills with an error that have an exorbitant value

The singular fault that they present and the maximum price that they have in E-bay.

The bills of a dollar They tend to attract attention for their supposed magnet for luck. But many have a much more concrete and effective power. As there are some with a printing error and special characteristics that are quoted in eBay at $568.

According to a note from El Comercio de Perú, these unique banknotes were printed in 1995 and are still in circulation.

With which, it may be possible to come across one in your wallet or be lucky enough to receive it in a store.

Banknotes coveted by collectors

Following the note of El Comercio de Perú, In 1995, the US Federal Reserve issued a series of one-dollar bills with a misprint.

The particularity of this game is that the upper right corner of the paper does not have printing ink.

What is the value in this case? A ticket with these characteristics is listed on eBay at around US$568.

most wanted dollars

There are also other banknotes with very attractive values. For example, those printed before 1957.

For this value to be even higher, the state of preservation must be impeccable.

If you have a copy of these characteristics, one piece of advice is to consult a specialist in numismatics.

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