What are they and why do these red spots appear on the skin?

red spots on skin They can appear for different reasons in different areas of the body and present different forms. they are generally benign And there is no danger from them. One of the types of red spots are petechiae (also called red dot), which we discuss in this article.

Sometimes they just appear And they do not produce other manifestations beyond their presence. In other cases, they may cause itching. And can be somewhat annoying, especially if its appearance is related to fever, shock, physical effort or minor trauma, aging and even the action of certain medications.

What are petechiae?

Petechiae are small, completely red, brown, or purple spots. Which appear on the skin. The tone may vary depending on the area in which they appear and depending on the tone and undertone of your skin. What causes their formation? rupture of small blood capillariesDue to which a small amount of blood comes out and remains under the skin, just like when we get injured, but much smaller in size.

  • If you look closely, you can see that the petechiae are like tiny drops of blood or dilated capillaries.


Therefore, petechiae are a type of red spots that can be dotted The diameter is generally less than 1 millimeter (They rarely measure more than 2 millimeters). Now, depending on the cause, multiple petechiae can form very close to each other in the same area, and their appearance can simulate freckle-like red spots of about 4 millimeters.

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