What data of yours does WhatsApp have and how to request it

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How to request a report

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Bill > Request info. from my account.
  • touch request report. The screen will refresh and you will see Request sent.

In general, your report will be available three days after you have requested it. In the meantime, you can check the date that will be displayed next to ready the.

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Once the report has been requested, it is not possible to cancel or undo the pending request. If you change your phone number or delete your account, will override pending request and you will have to ask for another report.

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How to download and export the report

When the report is available for download, you will receive the following WhatsApp notification on your smartphone: “Your account report is now available”. On the screen Request info. from my accountyou will be prompted weather you have to download the report before it is removed from the servers.

  • I opened WhatsApp and followed Settings > Bill > Request info. from my account.
  • touch Download report. A compressed ZIP file will be downloaded to your smartphone, which includes HTML and JSON files.
  • Once the file is downloaded, click export report > TO EXPORT or export report. The report that is downloaded can’t see on whatsapp.
  • In the sharing tray, tap the external application to which you want to export the report. For example, you can email yourself a copy to your own account.

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After downloading the report to your smartphone, you will have the option to permanently delete the copy. To do this, tap delete report > REMOVE or delete report on the screen Request info. from account. The elimination does not delete your account data by WhatsApp.

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