What happens if you drink coffee before exercising?

The practice of a sport or performing physical activity is a complete ritual: from the selection of the place where you are going to exercise, the appropriate clothing, to the menu prior to training. This last point is especially important, since diet can affect physical performance during the day.

According to the Mayo Clinic portal, diet and exercise are aspects that are related to each other. Making a correct selection of the ingredients that will make up the dish before the gym or the routine at home is essential for the body to perform as it should.

Considering that many people choose to train in the morning, breakfast should be the main meal before starting physical activity. The entity suggests that people should eat breakfast at least one hour before training. This is necessary to avoid discomfort associated with poor digestion.

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Considering that many people choose to train in the morning, breakfast should be the main meal before starting physical activity. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Likewise, you can opt for a softer drink or dish if you don’t have enough time before physical activity, as long as you eat breakfast afterwards. Among the recommended ingredients to form the menu in the mornings are listed whole grains, low-fat milk, yogurt and fruit.

But what about coffee? Is it good to drink it before training? Some experts have tried to answer this question and have provided recommendations in this regard. According to the Cuídate Plus portal, One of the outstanding characteristics of coffee is its stimulating effect, which makes it a favorite product to consume at the beginning of the day, since it keeps the body alert.

This is due to a component present in this grain called caffeine, which promotes the body’s disposition to stay awake and attentive. However, it is not the only known use of this compound, according to Francisco J. Amaro Gahete, professor at the Department of Physiology at the University of Granada, consulted by the aforementioned portal: “Caffeine has been used for years to increase sports performance both in aerobic disciplines and in strength and speed disciplines.”

A study that was led by the aforementioned researcher, together with scientists from the Physiology Department of the University of Granada, is based on different medical dissemination websites, which have shared the results obtained after the analysis of the physical performance of 15 subjects, who They were put to the test during a series of exercises.

From this work, as exposed by the Intramed portal, it was concluded that caffeine intake 30 minutes before physical activity, in an average amount of 3 milligrams per kilogram, could facilitate fat burning.

For her part, nutritionist Megan Medrano, from Run Whole Nutrition, assured in Men’s Health that the properties of coffee are only usable as part of a balanced menu that contains the other nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins and fats – necessary for the body to support the training.

The ideal, as advised by the aforementioned portal, is that coffee intake does not exceed 400 milligrams of caffeine per day, because it can pose a health risk. Before making any drastic change in diet, it is also suggested to consult the health professional.

It is worth remembering that good hydration is vital during the practice of physical activity to prevent the body from becoming unbalanced. As indicated from Mayo Clinic, You should drink at least two to three cups of water a few hours before starting physical activity.

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