What is Jeff Nichols’ movie “Bike Crew” about?

Il nous manquee. At the insistence of his fellow countryman James Gray, director and screenwriter Jeff Nichols becomes one of the ambassadors of independent American cinema, depicting a dual reality, between hopes and disappointments.

45 years ago it exploded Cyclistsan adaptation of a collection of photographs and entertainment published in 1967 by Danny Lyon, a reporter telling the story of a motorcycle club in the Midwest.

“My brother Ben, musician, I offer this album of clichés in the style of “noir and white” among passionate women, presented in the form of monologuesexplain-t-il. J.‘ai pris conscience that journalists have the opportunity to describe an extremely detailed and complete portrait of our culture. Au Premier Abord, le livre Semblait Romantique. But most of all, the world that deforms is almost tangible, the grace of the son approaches the internal organs. Your interlocutors can be heard without interruption. »

Il ya greffé une intrigue de fiction en suivant ses personanaages pour lesquels, dedicated to empathy during the onset of the last century. To help the love story between Katie (Jodie Comer) and Benny (Austin Butler), who became part of a black blouse decorated with large top hats, with the charismatic Johnny (Tom Hardy)…

Chronicle of the end of the era of nostalgic perceptions

Jeff Nichols intends to recreate in this chronicle “Années 1960 devant son objectif” in this chronicle sur la fin d’un âge d’or éminemment nostalgique, qui privilégie la mise en scène à la narrative in order to recall the transition du groupe régi par la fraternité et un code honour, relative to the gang for criminal activities.

Suite after this ad

The Ghost of Easy Rider (1969) by Dennis Hopper “A Plan for the Memory of Freedom, Which Rests Also in the Performance of Its Interpreters, Austin Butler Alone.” Elvis (2022) Baz Luhrmann is on an encore when he is left out of the casting. “Attention, gestures and movements are calculatedDusan le cinéaste. There’s no doubt he’ll be a superstar. Because he’s beautiful. He has a complex that doesn’t affect the surface. »

Cyclists ** Jeff Nichols, Austin Butler, Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy. 1 hour 56.

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