What is known about the Saudi billionaire who offered marriage to Amber Heard, ex-wife of Johnny Depp

After having gained notoriety in recent months, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife is the target of much criticism, but it seems that everyone does not think the same.

These are not easy days for Amber Heard, because after embarking on a media trial against her ex-husband, Johnny Deep, The actress’s reputation was called into question when it became known, during the judicial process, several of the conflicts she had with the renowned actor while they were married.

Begining of June, Heard lost the lawsuit and, in addition to having to pay a millionaire sum as compensation, she was left in the light of the world as the bad guy in the movie. However, there is someone who does not seem to share the general vision.

In the last hours I have gained notoriety a message that the protagonist of “Aquaman” received on her Instagram account, and for which this week was again a trend in social networks. It is an audio in which a billionaire from Saudi Arabia makes a marriage proposal.

“Amber, since all the doors are closing on you, you have no one but me to take care of you. I have noticed that some people hate you and bully you, therefore, I decided to marry you. May Allah bless us both.” assured the eccentric Saudi in the voice note.

In addition, the unknown lover redoubled the bet and, by way of conviction, maintained that he is “much better than the old man”alluding to Johnny Depp and also hinted to the actress that she is a “blessing”, but that people have not yet come to appreciate that.

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After the court process There are several complications for Amber Heard. In the first instance, having lost the conflict, he must pay Johnny Deep just over US$10 million in damages.

On the other hand, some time ago the sequel to Aquaman was confirmed for next year and where the actress I would play Princess Mera again. But before the facts of public knowledge, a large number of people tried to boycott their participation and there was much speculation about the decision that the directors of the film’s production company would make.

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Finally, and, given the rumors that spoke of the departure and replacement of the actress, it was confirmed, not only that it will be part of the moviebut will also have double the time on stage, which was originally agreed upon.

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