What is there to see at CCCGO and on streaming platforms


Spider Man

Golden, at 9:40 p.m.

After being bitten by a genetically altered spider, Peter Parker will develop superhuman strength and the ability to climb walls. After a tragic event, he will swear to fight crime, becoming Spider-Man.

doctor sleep

Space, at 22

Sequel to the cult film “The Shining” (1980), the original directed by Stanley Kubrick and also based on a famous novel by Stephen King. The story takes place some years after the initial events, and follows Danny Torrance, traumatized and with anger and alcohol problems that echo his father Jack’s problems, who when his psychic abilities resurface, contacts a girl named Abra Stone, whom he must rescue from a group of travelers who are feeding on children who possess the gift of “the glow”.

The Flintstones

Studio Universal, at 11:45 p.m.

Fred Flintstone is appointed vice president of the company where he works. But a counselor and his secretary try to trick him into signing a series of payment authorizations and being able to keep the money. Flattered by his vanity, Pedro will come to break his friendship with his friends the Mármols.



The enigmatic doctor, Helen Magnus and her team, Dr. Will Zimmerman, a forensic psychiatrist, tech genius, Henry, and Helen’s daughter, Ashley, study creepy beings that many humans refer to as imaginary things, which are created only in nightmares. They discover that they are actually secretly living and moving around the modern world, in this sci-fi series that is filmed using extensive “green screens” and “virtual locations.”


Tout de suite maintenance

As she begins a promising career in high finance, Nora discovers a longstanding rivalry between the director and her father, who knew each other in their youth. As the weeks go by, the young woman in her thirties gains the trust of her superiors. But her relationship with Xavier, a close colleague of hers, remains complicated.


Doogie kame ihoa, md

When Walter (Alex Aiono), Lahela’s (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) first love, returns from his world surf tour, he’s not the same boyfriend she said goodbye to months earlier. But she’s not the same girl either. That becomes apparent when Lahela meets a guy on a dirt bike, Nico (Milo Manheim), and is faced with a choice: fight for what she knows to be true or give love another chance. It’s all complicated by the pressures of being a teenage doctor. Luckily, Lahela has her family, her co-workers and her best friend, Steph (Emma Meisel), always there to support her.


21 grams

A story of hope and humanity, of misery and survival, which explores the strong emotional and physical sensations of three characters: Paul, Gato and Cristina united by an unexpected accident that makes their lives and destinies cross, in a story that takes them to love and revenge. The title refers to the weight that we lose at the moment of death, which is the same weight that happens to be carried by those who survive.


My God, what have we done?

Claude and Marie Verneuil, a very conservative Catholic couple, have four daughters, to whom they have tried to instill their values ​​and principles. However, the girls have only given them trouble: the eldest married a Muslim; the second, with a Jew, and the third, with a Chinese. The couple places all their hopes on their youngest daughter, hoping that at least she will get married in the church.

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