what is wrong with me and how do i solve it

I think I do well at all meals but still I usually feel like chop from time to time, or rather, at all hours, especially sweet things. What’s happening to me? Why can’t I control myself like other people? In this episode of ‘Wellness Alphabet’ podcast the journalists Laura Pintos and Raquel Alcolea interview the clinical nutritionist Blanca Garcia-Orea Haro to know what is hidden behind the anxiety with food.

Blanca García-Orea Haro, known as @blancanutri on Instagram, is a clinical nutritionist, specializing in digestive and hormonal nutritionmaster in microbiota Human and disseminator on social networks with more than 700,000 followers on Instagram. She co-directs the Clínicas Segura medical center and is the author of the works ‘Tell me what I eat now’, ‘Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what bacteria you have’ and another about her healthy culinary proposals called ‘Blanca’s recipes

‘. In addition, he teaches courses on the close relationship of the intestine with the quality of our emotions and the state of our immune system.

The journalists Laura Pintos and Raquel Alcolea, during the recording of the podcast "Abecedario del Bienestar"  with Blanca García-Orea Haro, @blancanutri.
The journalists Laura Pintos and Raquel Alcolea, during the recording of the podcast ‘Abecedario del Bienestar’ with Blanca García-Orea Haro, @blancanutri. – Melissa Gonzalez

Editing and assembly of the podcast: Manuel Garre.

Interviews and production: Laura Pintos and Raquel Alcolea.

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