What level! Great win for Club América in their friendly match against Atlante

Thursday, May 05, 2022

The America club He got his direct pass to the Liguilla del Closure 2022so because this weekend the playoff will be played between the remaining teams, the team would have a break that could put them out of the rhythm of the competition, so a friendly duel against Atlante was prepared.

The current champions of the MX Expansion League and those who continue fighting to get the title again were not the competent rivals that the azulcrema squad expected, since the score of this duel was 10-1. The Colts squad managed to rescue an honorary score, after the great game given by the Eagles.

the scorers

Players who had little activity shined in this confrontation, as was the case with Juan Otero who got a triplet in this duel. Being the last two goals in a row in 85′ and 87′; also a double Federico Vinas at minute 79 and later at 83′, so they exploited something that has rarely been seen.

The other scorers who have hardly been seen to score were precisely Roger Martinez, who also got a couple of goals; one more of Jordan Silva and a last one by Jonathan dos Santos. The sixth goal that was scored in the duel was an own goal by the rivals and only the only goal with which they just opened the scoring was left in the past because that’s where the series of goals came from.

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