What movie with Eva Green?

Plus six months after the movie outing Three Musketeers : D’Artagnan, second Volet du Diptyque vent de sortir au cinéma. Another film about a cloak and a sword called Three Musketeers : Milady and in the center is Eva Green, Why is it also true that he is the president?

Casting this star, taking into account François Civil et al. Romain Duris

Cat casting, a formidable group of actors will test creativity in the main story of the saga – Romain Duris, Vincent Cassel, Pio Marmai you’re doing an encore Francois Civil – responded the new response to the appeal. Louis Garrel encapsulate the costume of the era to incarnate with the insouciance of the king Louis XIII so that the persona of Constance Bonacieux will be interpreted by the talented artist Lina Khudri. Could this be the second time I have come to the fair that was my predecessor? Answer in the Dark Rooms December 13, 2023

Les Trois Mousquetaires: Milady (2023), Martin Bourboulon, in cinemas December 13, 2023.

Au mois d’Avril 2023, an excellent French production Les Trois Mousquetaires: D’Artagnanmethane on the casting stage for impeccable actorsEva Greenfrom Francois Civilfrom Romain Duris you’re doing an encore Vincent Cassel. Fort of success in cinema advertising (3.3 million views) and good reception from the public, French distributor Martin Bourboulon Voile, ce mercredi, December 13, 2023, second volet du digtyque, dedicated to the mysterious character Milady (interpreted by the charismatic Eva Green). A new novel dedicated to fans of the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas.

What is the movie “The Three Musketeers: Milady” about?

If the premiere of the film “Volette du” Three Musketeers (2023) The second will of the diptych, interested in this man Milady de Winter, official agent of Cardinal de Richelieu, confidant in the danger of honorable France. In this film, the honored musketeer D’Artagnan (campe par Francois Civil) try again to start a new relationship with the three redoubts Milady to look back at the traces of Constance Bonacieux (Lina Khudri) Don’t il est éperdument tombé amoureux. Entre trahison, seductions and repeated connections, l’épopée séduit par son effrene rythme et ses acteurs talentueux.

Eva Green and Francois Civil at an art evening at Les Trois Mousquetaires

The main character of the film lives in talentEva Greenwhich never appears in the caricature of the fatal spy to offer a section plus problems and complex femme brisée éprise de vengeance et maltraitée par les hommes. They are alchemy with Francois Civil Donne d’Ailers, in scenes of tremulous tension, advertises the cells that confront the son of ancient love: Athos, play the ferry Vincent Cassel.

He has the power to benefit from professional excellence and to increase his excellence Romain Duris, Vincent Cassel, Pio Marmai (a very effective film) and others. Francois Civil qui opèrent leur grand retour pour tenter de sauver l’honneur du roi Louis Ultimately, the French superproduction, requiring 150 days of the tournament and having a budget of 72 million euros, will be one of the most spectacular films of 2023.

“The Three Musketeers: Milady” (2023), Martin Bourboulon, with Eva Green and Francois Civil, in action in the cinema.

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