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A routine check turned into a moment of great surprise for the members of the Argentine National Gendarmerie. After they stopped a car and asked to open the trunk, they were genuinely shocked by what they found inside: a hundred parrots crowded together, close to each other. The birds were in a very small space and in poor condition.

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After the discovery, the parrots were taken to the municipal zoo of Resistencia. There they will receive all the care they will surely need after the traumatic experience. Finally they will be released, released into their natural habitat. A similar story comes from Pennsylvania, in the United States, where the discovery made by the cops was rather disconcerting.

Here the video of the hundred parrots in the trunk

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Again it was a routine check. But when the agents asked the woman behind the wheel to open the trunk of her car, they found you inside a live deer. The girl, 19, was stopped because she was suspected of driving under the influence. However, the young woman told the police that she had hit the deer and put it in the trunk with the help of the passenger who was with her. They both thought the animal was dead.

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