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Ethereum remains at the center of investors’ interests, especially in view of the fateful date of October 27, when the developers of the token will release the new update. The latter, called Altair, will allow Ether to move to a scalable and Proof-Of-Stake model, and represents a fundamental stage for the development and usability of the currency. According to some financial analysts, including Lark Davis, Ethereum could aim to reach the astonishing value of $ 10,000 in the coming months, especially due to the fact that the currency is among the most appreciated and supported by international financial giants. It is no mystery, in fact, that well-known investment funds are also investing in Ether, as evidenced by the recent coin acquisition decided by Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood.

The prospects for this token therefore seem very promising, so much so that many investors are ready to bet on it. For those wishing to start approaching the crypto world, it might be useful to deepen the topic by reading the guide to buy Ethereum written by the experts of According to this analysis, investing in Ethereum could represent a good opportunity because, although cryptocurrencies are characterized by strong volatility, the token created by Vitalik Buterin has shown great resilience. It also uses a system of smart contracts integrated with a Blockchain technology that many consider to be superior to that of Bitcoin.

How to invest in Ethereum

For invest in Ethereum the user has at his disposal two quite different ways. The first is generally recommended to those who plan to sustain a long-term investment and is based on the direct purchase of cryptocurrency through a exchange. Once the desired quantity of digital currency has been purchased, it is kept in an electronic wallet called a wallet and can remain there for several years, with the hope that over time its value will rise and then be resold at a higher price.

Alternatively, many users invest in crypto by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the online trading. Trading is a legal and safe activity that allows you to negotiate the purchase and sale of digital currency based on a shorter time frame than buying directly through an exchange. To trade, simply open an account with one of the many online broker on the market that offer this type of asset, and start investing.


The platforms for investing in Ethereum

Those who want to trade on cryptocurrencies and, in particular, on Ethereum, will need to open an account with a trading platform. In fact, it is considered the intermediary that deals with connecting the user with the market and, in addition to this, offers a series of very useful additional functions. Among the safest and most renowned brokers, eToro and OBR Invest stand out, both in possession of the license to operate in the financial trading sector issued by Consob. Among the advantages of OBR Invest for the trader there is certainly the possibility to take advantage of low and affordable spreads, very efficient customer support and free trading signals.

With regard to eToro, one of the features that have made it so famous is Copy trading. This is an innovative intuition developed by the broker who immediately enjoyed great success. Across the Copy tradingin fact, the user can choose to follow the best investors on the market, and literally copy their operations; it is therefore a way to learn how to trade by copying from the best that is particularly useful especially for newbies in the sector or for those who want to have someone to be inspired by.


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