What to see on Disney +: this incredible miniseries tells a heartbreaking story based on true events that will leave you shocked

One of the biggest crises that still dominates countries like the United States, told through various characters and key moments in time. You can not remain impassive watching ‘Dopesick: Story of an addiction’.

We have many series chronicling truly incredible scandals and frauds, but not many finish describing the real scope of the tragedy. This is not the case of the miniseries that we are highlighting today, which recounts one of the biggest crises that a country like the United States is experiencing and that you still don’t know how to repair. Everything is counted in Dopesick: Story of an addiction.

This ambitious miniseries by Danny Strong can be seen on Disney+, and it is essential to understand one of the greatest medical catastrophes who live in the United States. The series is supported by a fabulous cast that includes proven people such as Michael Keaton, Michael Stuhlbarg, Kaitlyn Dever or Rosario Dawson.

dopesick is a series that takes an ambitious, compelling, and harrowing look at the epicenter of America’s fight against opioid addiction, dealing with the distressed mining community of Virginia and the corridors of the government’s drug enforcement agency (DEA). ) that fight this terrible addiction.

This turbulent miniseries only lasts 3 hours, is based on true events and you can see it on Disney +

Through unforgiving yet deeply human portraits, the series tells the story of various affected families and how they intersect with each other, thus holding up a mirror image of what the current state of America is with regard to opioids. Also puts the spotlight on one of the most powerful families in the country with a direct influence on this whole crisis, the Slacklers.

The Sacklers are the only characters based directly on real people, the rest being constructs based on doctors, patients, and researchers directly related to the OxyContin addiction crisis. This family, in addition to being tremendously influential in sectors such as art (almost all major museums have a wing financed by them), mainly controls the Purdue Pharma company, which is the one that promoted the manufacture and proliferation of this drug.

‘Dopesick: Story of an addiction’: devastating crisis

His portrayal of how the company was trying to navigate jurisdictions and inciting medical professionals to mass-prescribe the drug, claiming it had effects it was shown to not have and was far more addictive, is truly terrifying. The series deals with the most devastating aspects through the various victims of this phenomenon, from the cajoled professionals to the less privileged individuals and communities that they ended up terribly hooked.

‘Dopesick: Story of an addiction’, the Disney+ miniseries that every citizen should see

The investigation part adds an intrigue component that boosts the dramatic aspects, not getting too confusing when moving between different time points. Her cast is excellent, justifying her presence in different awards that nominated her with fervor. It’s a story that will not leave you unmoved at allbecause it is heartbreaking and is wonderfully told.

You can see Dopesick: Story of an addiction on Disney+.

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