What to see on Prime Video: The ‘thriller’ that puts Emilia Clarke in the middle of the most scandalous real crime of the 80s – Movie News

The fast-paced movie starring the ‘Game of Thrones’ actress is available on the Amazon platform and is based on real events

If what your body asks for today is an action thriller, here is a proposal that may fit you. It is a thriller based on real events, available in prime video and starring the actress Game of Thrones Emily Clarke: Under suspicion.

This story, which recreates the most scandalous true crime of the 80s, and is based on Joe Sharkey’s book of the same title, which investigates the murder of Susan Smith by FBI agent Mark Putnam. The case was one of the biggest scandals in the US in the 1980s because it is the first confirmed murder committed by an FBI agent.

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Directed by Philipp Noyce (Salt, patriot game) and starring Jack Huston (Ben Hur) and Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), the story that portrays BaSuspicion is exciting and interesting enough to give this hidden movie in Prime Video’s complex catalog a try. In addition, it has a magnificent soundtrack of the Tindersticks.


Mark Putnam (Jack Huston) is a newly married FBI agent who is assigned to the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky to a small isolated town from which the young single and drug addict Susan Smith (Emilia Clarke) dreams of escaping, but must face her abuser. constantly (Johnny Knoxville).

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When Susan meets the handsome FBI agent, he enlists her as a confidante and she sees him as the perfect escape route. But what begins as a professional relationship turns into something far beyond what was planned and the model and handsome FBI agent Mark Putnam ends up becoming a murderer…

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