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The actor received recognition and an Oscar for his work in ‘Once upon a time in… Hollywood’, a fabulous visit to Hollywood in the late sixties. And you can enjoy it in ‘streaming’.

This wonderful movie one of the best of the last decade and easily among the highlights of one of the essential filmmakers of all time, it was quite the sensation. One that offered us some incredible characters and fabulous performances, highlighting a Brad Pitt who even got his first Oscar as an actor for his work. But there are plenty of reasons to watch Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood now that it’s on hbo max.

It’s not easy to stand out so much when the actors around you are Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino or Kurt Russell, or even rising stars like Margaret Qualley, Maya Hawke or Austin Butler, but Pitt did it. And it is not easy for a film to stand out among so many masterful pieces of Quentin Tarantino’s filmography, such as Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown or Kill Bill, but Hollywood it does and with a vengeance.

The film transports us to Los Angeles in the late 1960s, a time of great change in landscape, especially for the Hollywood region. In a decade where the hippie movement has proliferated, the film industry is in the throes of transitionless dependent on past movie stars and beginning to look at what is being done on the fringes, from authors like Roman Polanski to international works like the emerging spaghetti western in Italy.

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Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) is trapped in this paradigm shift, who was directing high-profile shoots and appearances in outstanding television series, although he is noticing the typecasting in minor roles and even as a villain who must be defeated by the new star of turn. He will face an entire existential crisis where his only support, apart from consuming alcohol and drugs with fervor, will be his stunt double (Pitt).

The film also offers us a somewhat more hopeful glimpse, following the true story of Sharon Tate (Robbie), who was becoming the talk of Hollywood and was happily married to Polanski until some followers of Charles Manson killed her already. some friends at home. An event that forever ended the hope of the sixties and drew an aura of darkness over the decade that followed. An ominous air that Tarantino follows, trying to show us Tate as a person, not just as a celebrity, instead of as a victim like her, he always ends up remembering her.

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That is one of the successes of an apparently nostalgic film, but one that is also capable of introducing us to all aspects of this place and specific moments, from the most splendid to the darkest. Tarantino makes a fabulous exploration of the changes that cinema undergoes in its history, the impact that his stories manage to have on us and how he can free us -or, in the specific case of Tarantino, try to do justice-. And he manages to tell us about it with the same charm with which he shares tidbits or interesting details that he has discovered elsewhere while leaning against the bar with a drink.

Tarantino manages to make an extraordinary film through one of his best directing efforts, which is reflected in all the details of production, costumes or photography to perfectly recreate that Los Angeles of 1969, while continuing to leave his characteristic touches in the script. or in the direction of actors. Here we find actors in a state of graceincluding some DiCaprio and Pitt who are brilliant in every scene, both to be funny and to convey a certain melancholy that puts the icing on a very complete film.

You can see Once upon a time in… Hollywood on HBO Max.

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