What were the 5 most watched series on Netflix last week?

We have started another week and that is why we will let you know the 5 most watched Netflix series in the last week that was from August 8 to 14, this so that you are well updated.

Just like every week, the famous platform of Netflix presents its new Top 5 of series most reproduced by subscribers, but now from the week of August 8 to 14.

As you can see, the service streaming Netflix is ​​in a stage in which it seeks to enhance its current corporate situation, which finds it going through its worst moment since its inception in the face of severe drops in subscribers in most of the world.

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For this reason, they have already begun to implement different strategies to maintain its users, but without neglecting that its main tool is content aimed at its large catalog and series are the main attraction in recent months with stranger things leading the consideration.

So today we will let you know what was the most watched in series between August 8 and 14:


The Sandman

The story follows Dream, who is captured and held against his will for a century and his absence triggers events that will change the world of dreams.


stranger things

Like a week ago, the production created by the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer continue to be among the most chosen by streaming users, despite having released volume 2 of its fourth season on July 1.



With this first plot they managed to catch the public again by returning more than a month ago, while news about its fourth and final season is awaited after being rescued by Netflix when NBC canceled it.


Woo, an extraordinary lawyer

Follow a brilliant attorney named Woo Young-woo as she tackles challenges in the courtroom and beyond as a rookie at a major law firm and a woman with autism spectrum disorders.


Keep breathing

Its premise centers on a plane that crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness and a lonely woman must fight against adversity to survive.

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