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TikTok always creates trends, whether it’s with clothes, makeup, music and this time the costumes.

There is only one week left until Halloween, so if you still don’t know what to wear, here are some simple ideas for all tastes.

With this list we will show you which are the costumes that we will see the most this year when asking for sweets.

Still don’t have a costume for Halloween this year?

1.- Fairy

We’ve seen this one all over TikTokand it is that, yes or yes, it will be one of the most used, since it is something quite easy to do, and We assure you that you will look beautiful.

The only thing you need is to choose a particular color, and put together an outfit with those tones. With a flower crown and wings you will be ready. Quite simple and pretty at the same time.

2.- Pirate

We hadn’t seen this costume so much until this year. In each video of costume ideas on TikTok appears this. Well, you can do it only with things you have at home.

With a black skirt, a white blouse and boots the costume is ready. You can add details such as colored scarves on the skirt and head, plus some braids would also help elevate the look.

pirate costume
Credits: @emilia_palermo

3.-Kim Possible

This one also went viral this year, and despite the fact that this series came out years ago, many still want to be like Kim Possible.

For this outfit you will only need green cargo pants and a black top, and that’s it. Some add a red wig, but it is not necessary.

4.- Cruella de Vil

the last movie of Emma Stone we all loved it, so obviously it was going to be an inspiration to a lot of people in this Halloween.

For this one, you can take inspiration from various outfits that she has in the movie. leather and red color They can achieve an incredible outfit. However, on this occasion we do recommend a wig.

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5.- Minion

Do you want something more fun? This yes or yes is your option. If you want to risk a little more, this costume It will bring out laughter when you go to parties or trick-or-treating.

For this you need a yellow shirt and a jeans planter. The important thing is in the makeup, and it is that with a little face you can make up your entire face yellow and also make the iconic glasses. It’s pretty simple and fun.

6.- Maddy and Cassie

If you want to go dressed up with your best friendthis is an excellent idea, we just hope they don’t end up the same as the characters in the series.

There are many outfits inspired by them hanging around the platform of TikTok. However, the two most iconic are when both are cheerleades, and the one from the first party of the last season.

7.- Daphne and Wilma

The last from our list works both as a couple and alone. This duo took TikTok this Halloweenand is that his costume is very nice and quite simple.

You can put together a costume as such, imitating the costumes of both characters or an inspired outfit. Here you would only have to use its distinctive colors.

Best Friend Costume 5
Credits: @mathilda.mai

Which viral TikTok costume would you wear this Halloween?

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