What will happen to Diego Valdes? American fans boo him Halftime

have a low level within the template America It is little forgiven by its fans, since when perceiving a low performance of its players, they make themselves feel loud boos to exhibit to soccer player and show that it is not up to the demands of a club like azulcrema. And so he lived it Diego Valdes last weekend.

And it is that it has not mattered that the azulcrema team has navigated the top of the table in recent tournaments, since there are players what have been pointed out by the fans, and some of them have gotten up from the emotional shock, but others have had to leave the club.

Diego Valdés, the new victim

During the match last Saturday before Pueblathe fans of the Eagles made a loud boo Diego Valdés, forward of the team that is not going through a good football moment and after several low-level matches, the Americanistas couldn’t take it anymore when he left the pitch and the more than 25 thousand souls who gathered at the Azteca Stadium they booed

Valdes lives his third tournament with the American team and in the previous two it has not been the same unbalancing player who came to dazzle when he was part of Santos Laguna, which is why the América board looked at him as a reinforcement to shore up the offense.

So far in his era with the Coapa team, the Chilean has scored 12 annotations between the League and the Liguilla, but what he has shown so far in this contest has not been liked at all, since at times out of tune with the rest of his classmates offensive sectorbecause he gives the ball too much pause when it reaches his feet and sometimes he loses danger and important opportunities to score.

Booing players is not new

What Diego Valdés lives in America today is nothing new for a player of the American team, and it is that in the past recent Henry Martin it was victim of severe boos from the fans when he was in a goal drought last tournament.

Luckily for the striker of the Mexican National Team, I raise your level and turned in the team’s goalscorer by changing the boos for applause Inside the Azteca Stadium.

Others players who have gone through the same are the cases of Miguel layunBruno ValdezEmanuel AerieAndrew ibargüen Y Roger Martinez.

Cases like that of Aguilera, Ibargüen and Brunothey ended up with exit of the team because the pressure was great, because the boos were more and more frequent and even when they did not play and the local sound named them as part of those who were on the bench, the fans did not forgive them and unloaded their fury on them .

Federico Viñas a case apart

Despite the fact that the Uruguayan is not going through a good football moment and is experiencing a significant goal drought, the hobby continues it sheltering and applauding every time he enters the pitch.

And it is that the cream-blue fans remember the goals that the charrúa came to do when he arrived at the institution in 2019Although his best tournament in terms of how many scores he refers to was Guardianes 2020 where he scored six goals in the regular phase.

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