“What’s wrong with everyone!”

lLast night, Tuesday, July 9, the Spanish national football team reached a historic milestone: defeat Kylian Mbappe’s France team and thus gain access to the European Championship final 12 years later.

Luis de la Fuente’s men played a great game and showed that they are capable of beating any team, and this This team has shown that it is a team that stands above any individuality and makes all fans of this sport fall in love with its game.

At the end of the match, all eyes were on Lamin Yamal, who made history in international championships with his great goal. becoming the youngest player in history to score a goal at the European Championship at just 16 years old.

However, there is another player who is also keeping a close eye on him and it is none other than Alvaro Morata. The La Roja captain has been scary all night. After achieving the long-awaited victory, during the celebration, a security officer who went to stop the spontaneous player ran over him and he left the field with gestures of pain.

Ana Terradillos defends Mora and Alice from criticism

In the program “Critical Look”, presented by Ana Terradillos, they looked at this situation, and not only that, all the criticism that the Spanish player receives, for which his wife has already spoken out on social networks, she wrote: “It amazes me that instead of encouraging a player from your national team, you devote yourself to destroying him. How do you think a person can give the best to his country when he feels that no one believes in him?”

Ana Terradillos did not hesitate to show her support for Mora and said: “A critical look” at him, his wife Alice, and the message: “Hey, what are they doing to everyone online! That’s it, we have to be above this.”

Moreover, he did not stop there and added: “Especially in a situation where they have nothing to play for two weeks, dude!”It is worth noting that for several days now there have been rumors about his possible farewell to the Spanish national team.

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