when humanization is part of daily medicine

The accent on the care humanization that marks the trajectory of Valme University Hospital has made it increase its presence and prominence in the prizes awarded each year by the Optimist Hospital Foundationsome national awards focused precisely on good psychosocial health practices and that affect the well-being of health workers and, therefore, that of patients.

At the gala held to crown the VIII edition of these awards at the Príncipe Felipe Research Center in Valencia, the Sevillian hospital won a total of three awards, qualifying in each of them in first place and having competed with hospitals of national prestige. It’s not the first time. The Sevillian hospital accumulates distinctions consecutively during the last four years. Specifically, in 2021 with the achievement of the first prize in the category of Optimistic Captain; a year earlier, in 2020, when she doubled with first prize for Positive Manager and third for best Hospital Service in the Pediatric area; and in 2019, that she also finished as a finalist in the category of best hospital service in the Oncology area.

Triplet of recognitions

In the last triplet, the Valme has collected the award for the Best Optimistic Story category of a Spanish hospital in 2022, whose call pitted it on social networks against the candidacies of six other national hospitals. The result is the first place with more than a thousand supports and distancing himself in more than triple the votes with the second classified.

The center has received the first prize as Best Optimistic Story, Best Positive Manager and Hospital Service

This is a very endearing category of these awards as it highlights circumstances with values ​​that increase the humanization of care. Specifically, the foundation values ​​in this award the trinomial patient-caregiver-health team. In this regard, the Sevillian hospital presented an emotional experience, recounted in audiovisual format, where it narrates the story of a patient’s overcoming. faira very special patient, hospitalized for almost a year for numerous health reasons. In such a way that her room 219 on the General and Digestive Surgery floor became her home and the toilets her family.

The following award has also received first place in the category of Best Positive Manager. has corresponded to the internal medicine supervisor Natalia Herrera, in the medium hospital service subcategory. A distinction for the middle managers (heads of services, unit coordinators, supervisors) who stand out for lead healthy teams you generate positive environments; that is, by their way of relating to their professionals and patients.

It is a recognition based on the methodology of the HERO Hos Check surveys of the Jaume I University, which have completed the hospital services participating in this call and have determined who are the managers most appreciated by their teams.

And the following distinction corresponds to the category of Hospital Service. In this case, likewise, first prize for the Valme Internal Medicine service as responsible for the implementation of strategies to improve the health of his team of professionals through good practices. This recognition is also based on the evaluation of the HERO Hos Check surveys of the Jaume I University. “In short, it is a Clinical Services Effort Award for becoming assistance units with good psychosocial health”, point out from the hospital.

Captain Optimistic’s Witness

For her part, last year’s winner in the category of Optimistic Captainthe nurse from the Sevillian hospital Isabella Orta with a total of 6,000 supports on social networks, has participated this year in the enthronement of the winner of the year 2022. He has handed over the baton with a charge of optimism and positive energy. Precisely that framework of strength and joy that the organizers of these awards want to convey has been enhanced with the interpretation of the song Capitán Optimista, which has become the hymn of each gala. María Vasán, Castilian-La Mancha singer-songwriterhas been in charge of interpreting it, inspired by the objective of this foundation and by all the heroes without capes who work in Spanish hospitals.

The gala was presented and hosted by the journalist Theresa Old and the lecturer, entrepreneur, trainer and motivator of human teams Sergio Ayala. The meeting was attended by the person in charge of the Valencian Community Health Department, Miguel Mínguez, together with the representation of the collegiate health bodies of Valencia, the city in charge of hosting this act.

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