When Playstation Plus games will be announced in December: change

When are the Playstation Plus video games released in December 2021? Here is the date and time when we will finally have the titles that will come out.

Playstation Plus

The Playstation Plus it is among the most popular subscription plans around the planet for video games. It is in fact that paid subscription packaged by Sony which is very important for all those who have a Playstation, be it PS4 or PS5. In fact, only in this way can you truly and fully experience the videogame experience.

By activating the Playstation Plus it is possible to have an important number of advantages, which make the video game much more enjoyable and rich. It is in fact possible to play online video games with all the other gamers who have the PS Plus and your own games; access exclusive reserved discounts and have space in the Playstation cloud to always have your saves safe. And then there are obviously them, the highly anticipated free games of the month.

All at a relatively low price, around 59.99 euros per year. A figure, however, that can sometimes be lowered by taking advantage of the offers that are often available. This is why we suggest you always keep an eye on the price trend, because you could also find a full year of Plus for just 45 euros, a very affordable price.

When Playstation Plus games will be announced for December 2021

Playstation Store

Now, that we are at the end of the month, as usual the millions of gamers who have a Playstation they wonder when Playstation Plus games will be announced. In fact, it is at the end of each month that Sony, as always, will announce the titles that will be available for free for all subscribers to the service.

But these games will only be available from next month, thus pushing more and more people to subscribe and enter the premium program of the Japanese company, which, although not being able to package an offer like the Game Pass Xbox boasts a good variety.

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The November 2021 Playstation Plus games are expected to be announced Wednesday 1 December, after 2pm. This is the modus operandi in which Sony has lived us, which as always uses the last Wednesday of the month to announce the titles that will be included in the Plus of the following month. But when a month ends with a Monday or a Tuesday, in order not to have a two-week gap between the announcement and the launch of the titles, it has been expected in the past the first Wednesday of the following month for the announcement, the first Tuesday for the launch.

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