when the ‘haters’ do not tolerate that a woman is the oldest of the couple

Theresa Hernandez

we always liked Harry Styles (Redditch, United Kingdom, 28 years old). Since he started with his boy band One Direction, until his career in lonely –his recent self-titled album has received great reviews–, going through his nods to the asturian fashion: has worn several times outfits by Arturo Obegero, the latest in his video clip ‘As it was’. But beyond his great voice and his best aesthetic, what we like the most about Harry is his fondness for mature women. On his day, he had an affair with Caroline Flackpresenter of X-Factor –program in which Styles participated– and 15 years older that he.

The last –and our favourite– the actress and film director Olivia Wilde (New York, 38 years old). They met during the filming of ‘Don’t worry, dear’ – a thriller directed by Wilde herself and set in the 1950s that tells the story of a unhappy housewife that discovers a disturbing truth and that opens on September 23 in Spain. Thus ended Wilde’s relationship with her until then husband, the actor Jason Sudeikis46, with whom he had a relationship of seven and has two children, Otis, seven years old, and Daisy, four.

But the new Wilde-Styles union has not caused everyone’s happiness, although the worst stop has been the actress – what a surprise! – who has been harshly criticized on social media. It is not new. When the news broke in January of last year, Wilde was forced to block her comments on her Instagram account, overwhelmed by the negative messages. Less pretty, they told her everything: that she should be “ashamed” of herself for “stealing” Styles; What is it bad mother, “fake” and “leech” and that she is only with Styles to get attention. They have even created several hashtags personalized as #fauxlivia and #timesupolivia. The latter has been used to spread the most insidious hatred, including Wilde’s repeated comparison as sexual predator and of Styles as his victim.

An especially vicious viral tweet declared that Wilde “gives the same vibe as Amber Heard,” evoking the recent hate campaign against the ex-wife of Johnny Depp. It seems that some do not finish assuming the couple’s age difference -10 years-, forgetting the fact that Styles already it’s not a child and is close to 30. Thus, the compilation of disqualifications against her has been exhaustive. Yes “attract criminals” (because she has worked with or been photographed around the likes of Kevin Spacey and Brett Ratner); that if Harvey Weinstein “proposed a threesome” with a model “between the two of them and Olivia Wilde” in exchange for him working as an actor; that if he wore a t-shirt with the image of James Brown, who was accused of violence against his wife…

Wilde has not stood up to these attacks and has maintained his discreet romance with styles. What he is experiencing, unfortunately, is not a new phenomenon. Many famous couples of the last century in Hollywood suffered harassment and disqualifications, generally women, from elizabeth taylor until Cybill Shepherd or Angelina Jolie. Wilde thus joins the proud lineage of shameful women. And we can only think of one thing: applaud her.

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