When to invest in BITCOIN? Specialists tell you the BEST moment and RISKS to evaluate


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Since its launch, the criptocurrency They have not stopped causing conflicting opinions. From those who say that it is only a passing fad, to those who say that it is no longer the future of money, but the present.

If you are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, the best idea is to fully inform yourself whether or not it is a good time to invest, since every investment is a risk and the more information you have about it, the risks of losing the investment decrease,

Eduardo Gavotti, bitcoin trader, comments that the question, is it too late to invest in bitcoin? he finds it a bit extreme, “extremes are never good” he explains.

The specialist clarifies that everything depends on the intention with which it is purchased, “If your goal is speculation In the short term, it may not be the best time because the environment and sentiment is quite bearish. But if your goal is long investment term, the current price is perhaps of less importance, regardless of when you look at it.”

The price of the cryptocurrency is changeable how changing are the global economic conditions, at this moment the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the historical inflationary levels and the still threat of Covid-19 They are factors that make their price fluctuate, like any other good, stock or means of saving or investment.

Its adoption will increase its value

The specialist emphasizes that if the asset is good, time will be its best ally, exemplifying that companies such as Tesla either MicroStrategyhave decided to store their reserves in bitcoin, because they believe that its value will grow over time.

The number of companies that offer services to invest in bitcoin shows the increase in the adoption of this asset. Entities traditional such as investment funds, listed on the stock exchange, and banks have decided to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, which means that their clients are interested in investing in this market and have a high demand for said services.

Even a few weeks ago the Chinese government decided to give away hundreds of thousands of cyber yuan among its inhabitants, check out the note in Heraldo Binario, here.


The CEO of investment fund Off The Chain Capital, Brian Estes, states that, “As companies and banks get involved and become a critical mass, the level of activity per user will really start to reflect traditional financial services. ”.

Considering the above, it is expected that a Bitcoin could be worth a million dollarss for the year 2024.

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