Who are Anya Taylor-Joy’s famous friends


Anya Taylor-Joy is currently one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood and here we will focus on her friends who are most recognized by the general public. Look who they are!

Who are the famous friends of Anya Taylor-Joy.
© GettyWho are the famous friends of Anya Taylor-Joy.

Anya Taylor-Joy made its presentation to the general public in 2015 with witchthe remembered debut of Robert Eggers in the cinema, and curiously this week both premiere The Northman. After his first appearance, his career was on the rise and, just like his followers, friendships also came. Some belong to his inner circle and are unknown, but two of them are recognized by everyone.

+ Anya Taylor-Joy’s famous friends

First of all, we must mention Cara Delevingne, with whom he coincided in some events, but it is said that they forged their friendship during the quarantine due to the Coronavirus pandemic through social networks. Their bond has led them to have a very special approach, as well as a group of fans of both called “Carana”.

Recently, the Daily Mirror medium revealed that the model and writer asked Anya to move to Los Angeles to spend more time together, as she thinks she is “amazing, insightful and philosophical, but with a wicked sense of humor”. When presenting the CFDA Face of the Year Award, Cara told him: “I am so lucky to meet the woman behind the face and her beauty radiates so brightly when your eyes are closed.”.

The second of them, and perhaps their friendship is not widely known, is Josh O’Connorwho played Prince Charles in season 4 of The Crown. They coincided in the shooting of the movie emma and in the segment Actors on Actors of Variety met and remembered the recordings as the last happy moment before the start of the Coronavirus health crisis.

After the success of queen’s gambit, Josh sent him a nice message: “It was my favorite TV show during lockdown and I told you so. I texted you. I totally loved it, and what I find amazing. You look so cool and in control”. For its part, Anya he returned the words for The Crown: “I think you have to separate yourself from the real version of him to capture something unique or different. That’s the sacrifice you sometimes have to make.”

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