who are the three finalists behind the banana, the deer and the butterfly?

After several weeks of competition, the third season of “Mask Singer” will come to an end this Friday, May 13, 2022. The opportunity for the faithful of the program to find out who will succeed Laurence Boccolini and Larusso, winners of the first two editions. A third vintage which will have in any case marked the viewers by offering for once the presence of “real” celebrities. Certainly, Teri Hatcher (“Desperate housewives”) and Seal made an express passage in the program but it is clear that TF1 saw things in a big and beautiful way for this third season.

At the dawn of the end clap, everyone is in any case impatient to discover who is hiding behind the costumes of the three finalists still in the running after the elimination last week of Gilbert Montagné. The first six programs broadcast on TF1 since April 1 have already delivered many clues about the personalities hidden under the banana, deer and butterfly costumes.

Who is hiding behind the banana, the deer and the butterfly?

On Born this way by Lady Gaga, wrecking ball of Miley Cyrus or even don’t stop the music of Rihanna, many believed to recognize Chimène Badi under the costume of the banana. But Anggun wisely mentioned the name of Valérie Bègue. And the clues given during her visits tend to suggest that the former Miss France is indeed perhaps the personality to discover this evening.

The deer could reveal the face of Laurent Ournac to him. The comedian made famous in the Camping Paradis series more or less has his voice recognized during his performances and the various clues scattered around confirm this theory.

As for the butterfly, it seems to be Denitsa Ikonomova. The star dancer of “Dancing with the Stars” has the profile of a winner. Her remarkable appearances and her notoriety make her the favorite of this third cuvée.


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