Who is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s surprising wife?

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Dwayne Johnson is best known for his busy professional life, he who chained films, investments and media appearances… But what about his personal life? Few fans know it, but he has been married for several years now, with an artist. Presentation.

Dwayne Johnson is perhaps the most famous man on the planet, he who chained the first roles in successful films. But that’s not all, since he returns from time to time to his first love, wrestling, while running lucrative businesses. In recent months, for example, he has signed a exceptional contract with the UFCwhich should still give it additional visibility.

But happiness doesn’t just come from good business and financial success, it also comes from a fulfilling personal life. And after an undoubtedly very painful divorce from his first wife Dany Garcia, with whom he was united for 11 years, The Rock has found the one he wishes to spend the rest of his life with, the mother of his last two children, Lauren Hashian… But who is she?

Lauren Hashian, musician at heart!

This young woman of 37 years is not necessarily a celebrity, at least on the scale of her husband, but she grew up surrounded by stars, since her father was a big name in American music. Indeed, Sib Hashian was the drummer of the rock band Boston, which sold more than 75 million records worldwide. Besides, Lauren was very influenced by her father, since she also became a singer and author afterwards.

Lauren Hashian : I saw my father making music and training every day, so I was inspired by it and it became the goal of my life. If he trained every day, I had no excuse not to do the same. For years and years I have been making music in my bedroom.

This interview given to the Billboard site in 2019 says a lot about the relationship that Lauren Hashian had with her father, and Dwayne Johnson had integrated perfectly into the family, since he considered Sib as his “second dad”…

And after a remarkable stint on an American reality TV show in 2005, where she finished as a finalist and almost won the right to record a sound with the legendary group TLC, the singer has managed to find her niche and today she records her own titles, produced for others, proof of her versatility. His songs are also quite qualitative and current.

Lauren Hashian was born in music and she remains there, since she is today a recognized artist. She can live from her passion, is engaged in a happy marriage with The Rock, is the mother of two children… The dream.

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