Who is Elon Musk, the womanizing billionaire with Asperger’s who stole emeralds from his father

Elon Musk It’s one of the men of the moment for many reasons. First, because you have just performed one of the wildest and largest purchases of recent times, acquiring Twitter for a whopping 44,000 million dollars. A business move with which Musk intends return the social network of the little blue bird to a status of total freedom of expression, without ideological censorship of any kind. Of course, with personal identification in each account to fight against bots and spam.

On the other hand, there is also a lot of talk about the tycoon his past relationship with Amber Heard, with whom he was dating between 2016 and 2018. Today, both have a cordial relationship and are summoned to testify at the model’s trial with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

In the professional section, the South African physicist, whoHe has dual Canadian and American citizenship. is the founder and CEO of SpaceXin addition to being the founder and CEO of Tesla, Neuralink and The Boring Company. This 2022 he was promoted to first place as the richest man in the world on the FORBES list with a fortune estimated at 219,000 million dollars. Now, with the acquisition of Twitter, it is estimated that his fortune will increase even more in the coming years.

However, do we know who Elon Reeve Musk really is? Today we tell you more about the biography of the eccentric billionaire.

Musk, son of a mining engineer who stole emeralds

Elon Musk was born in Pretoria (South Africa) on June 28, 1971. The eldest son of Errol and Maye Musk, his father was a mining engineer who did really well, earning a fortune (like wood, like wood) thanks to the construction of mines. mines where emeralds are extracted. His mother Maye, on the other hand, was a model and dietician.

A pattern that Musk himself has repeated in the future as we have been able to observe in his sentimental life, with him being the billionaire and his partners, such as Heard or Talulah Riley, as female ‘trophies’.

After the divorce of his parents in 1980, Musk decided to go live with his father, during which time, as he has confessed in an interview, he stole emeralds.

His career as a student and entrepreneur

Between jewels and intelligence, Musk began to develop his character and ambitions, which led him to move to Canada to start your university studies reunited with his mother and siblings.

Finally, he ended up in the US Double degree in Economics and Physics from the University of Pennsylvania. He also began his doctorate, but abandoned it a few days later to make way for his career in the business world, where his legend began, founding companies like Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City, among others.

Together with his brother and a friend, he created his first company, Zip2, which was dedicated to offering development, hosting and maintenance services to different media websites. However, he ended up selling it in 1999 for a value of 307 million dollars.

To this day, Musk is almost like a deity in the business worldowning the following brands: SpaceX, Tesla Inc, SolarCity Hyperloop One Open AI. Neuralink, The Boring Company, Musk Foundation and now Twitter.

Asperger’s syndrome, cause of Musk’s eccentricities

Asperger’s syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder that affects the interpersonal relationships of people who suffer from it. Elon Musk revealed in May of last year that he had it, opening a new debate on how this disorder can lead to both great successes and failures.

In the case of Musk, they were undoubtedly successful, since his individualistic side, away from the masses, led him to satisfy his purposes without thinking so much about the opinion of others.

Let us remember that this syndrome makes it difficult to understand other people, both verbally and non-verbally, making interactions difficult, confusing or rare.

Understanding this, it is no coincidence that Musk suddenly decides to announce that he is challenging Vladimir Putin, one of the most feared men on the planet, to face-to-face combat. No, it is also because people with Asperger’s do not measure this type of situation or circumstance well. They live in their own perception of things, in a kind of mental and psychological isolation.

Musk’s love history: three marriages and a breakup

It has always been said that lucky in the game, unlucky in love. Well, in the case of Musk it is totally true, although that does not mean that his sentimental resume is extensive.

South African businessman father of 7 children (the eighth died in 2018 in a tragic car accident with just ten weeks to live), has had three marriage and one formal couplethis being the aforementioned Amber Heard, with whom he was dating from 2016 to 2018, yes, intermittently.

Before Heard, the new owner of Twitter he was married three times. First with the writer Justine Wilson, getting married in the year 2000 and signing the divorce papers eight years later, in 2008. Then he would marry the British actress Talulah Riley twice, from 2010 to 2016. Then came Heard, a relationship that neither did. came to fruition.

His last known love affair was the one that united him with the singer Grimes, from 2018 until last summer, at which time they cut definitively.

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