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The Colombian goalkeeper Devis Vasquez would be a new player milan from italyin a transaction that will be announced by the Serie A club.

Vásquez, 24, did not play a single game in Colombian soccer, he was a substitute for La Equidad and Patriotas.

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In 2020, he was fortunate to complete his transfer to football from Paraguayanin which he took part with the Guarani.

He arrived, but he wasn’t a starter, he had to risk everything and work hard to become the club’s first goalkeeper.

He was on the bench for two years and in 2022 he had the opportunity to take over the position, after the departure of Gaspar Servio.

He played the Copa Libertadores Sub-20

Vasquez played the Copa Libertadores Sub-20 with La Equidad in 2018, but his achievement has been to be taken into account by Milan.

The technician of the Colombia selection, the Argentinian, Nestor LawrenceI would take it into account for the friendly match of Colombia in the month of January against USA.

The Paraguayan media report that Lorenzo asked about the goalkeeper, he has him in his orbit and would have already requested him for that commitment.

However, his call has not been confirmed, nor that the club will provide it, since he is not part of a Fifa date. (Pelé: Santos is a sea of ​​tears, this is how the ‘King’s’ funeral is ready, video) (Pelé: Santos fulfills his will and makes a decision with the number 10 shirt)


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