Who participates in the movie “Fireflies in El Mozote”

The Salvadoran movie “Fireflies in El Mozote” begins filming in November and here we present details of the main actors and producers.

The production of the salvadoran movieFireflies in El Mozote” which will begin shooting in November of this year, shares details about the main actors for this production to take place in El Salvador.

“Fireflies in the Mozote” is the first feature film to be produced in El Salvador by Hollywood companieswith the participation of international stars, such as the Spanish actress Paz Vegaand national talent.

Yari Film Group and Premier Entertainment they managed to get the beautiful Paz Vega to lead the project in the leading role and it will soon be known which other prominent Hollywood stars will join the cast.

Paz Vega

The Spanish actress gained recognition for her appearance in 2004 in films such as “spanglish“, together with the actor and producer Adam Sandler.

Premiere Entertainment Group confirmed the participation of Paz Vega in the movie “Fireflies in El Mozote”. Photo: AFP

Remembered for movies like “Great Dad” and his triumphant return as a producer and actor in “hustle” with the professional basketball player of Spanish origin Juancho Hernangomezof the team NBA Toronto Raptors.

Other performances that have given recognition to Paz Vega have been “Lucía y el sexo”, a film by Julio Medem released in 2001 that awarded him the Goya Award for Best New Actress.

Titles such as “Grace de Monaco”, “Los Borgias” “Rambo V” and his participation in television series have meant an outstanding career. Born in 1976, on January 2, the 46-year-old actress gives media strength to the production that narrates one of the darkest historical episodes in Salvadoran history.

Bob Yari

He is co-producer and CEO of Yari Film Group and won an Oscar as executive producer in 2004 for the film Crash starring Sandra Bullock and Matt Dillon.

It has a wide range of films in its production history such as “The Illusionist”, starring Edward Norton and Jessica Biel. Yari was born into a Jewish family in Tehran and grew up in New York.

Other notable titles are “The Hoax” starring Richard Gere and “The painted veil” starring Naomi Watts.

Yari Film Group has positioned itself as one of the fastest growing production houses in Hollywood.

Ernest Melara

He is the writer and director of the film. He is a cinematographer and screenwriter born in the capital and studied film in Los Angeles, California. Melara has won more than 19 advertising creative direction awards in Louisiana, Las Vegas and beyond.

“La noche del sicario” is his cover letter as a writer and with the direction and production of Bob Yariwinner of the Oscar for “Crash” in 2004, was in charge of directing the camera in “Papa, the life of Ernest Hemingway in Cuba”.

Elijah Axume

He is the co-producer and CEO of Premiere Entertainment company with more than two decades of experience in the distribution and filming of advertising campaigns, entertainment, arts and cultural events.

He produced such films as “Code of Honor” with Steven Seagal, “Locked In” with Mena Suvari of American Beauty, and “The Commando” with Mickey Rourke.

According to specialized magazines, Axume is one of the most promising producers in the film industry.

Arthur Menendez

He is also a co-producer, born in El Salvador, he studied film in New York and has directed successful feature films such as “Pablo’s word” and “Malacrianza”. “Paravolar” and “Cinema Libertad” are two of his short films.


In 2015, he was named by Forbes magazine as one of the most influential personalities in Central America.

Carlos Figueroa

Associate producer and CEO and founder of Latitud Norte, producer, along with Santiago Gutiérrez and pioneer of the film industry in El Salvador with his beloved wife Thirza Ruballo, who passed away this year and with whom they founded ESCINE, Escuela de Cine.

His latest co-production was the film “Gol de Plata” with the Guatemalan Keneth Müller, which tells the story of soccer player Juan Carlos Plata.

He also collaborated with Arturo Menéndez in “Cinema Libertad”, “Malacrianza” and “Pablo’s Word”.

Marvin Galleas

Historical consultant in the production of “Fireflies in El Mozote”. He is a writer of novels, chronicles and biographies.

The Salvadoran writer poses with his new work. Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=492248755802984&set=pb.100050535907511.-2207520000..&type=3

The first version of the second Salvadoran historical film announced in this new wave of cinematographic production was written by him, and bears the name of his unpublished novel “Toque de Queda”, together with producer and director Brenda Vanegas.

“Toque de Queda” will start shooting next year. It will be produced by Premiere Entertainment and directed by Arturo Menéndez.


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