Why are the Golden Globes important?

Although some awards have already awarded their prizes to the best of 2022 last year and several media have published their lists with the best of cinema, the season begins in good shape with the Golden Globes and concludes with the Oscar. 2022 is a key year for the Golden Globes after the controversy / boycott that led to the 2021 ceremony not being televised and actors and industry figures showing their discontent, going as far as Tom Cruise returning his three awards. .

The Golden Globes are awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The award has been around since 1944 and recognizes achievements in television and film. The controversy that they were subjected to in 2021 corresponds to the lack of representation, especially of members of color. Back then there were only 87 members. After various measures the number is now close to 200 and includes representatives of all countries, ethnicities and genders. The purpose of the search for diversity is that this is reflected in the nominees, giving more opportunity for, for example, women and minorities to be recognized, as well as for international cinema from anywhere in the world to be present.

The Golden Globes have been distinguished over the years for being a less solemn ceremony or series compared to the Oscar itself. There is also the fact that it is, and now more, the most diverse group of voters. The fact that it is the first ceremony of the year has an impact in terms of the agenda, dictating or rather confirming those films, actors and participants from different areas that are in contention. This year, for example, the Golden Globes are awarded on January 10, Oscar voting begins on the 12th. The winners, like the SAG (Screen Actors Guild Award) nominees that follow on the 11th, will be fresh. in the minds of Oscar voters.

Now, it should also be mentioned that not everything that happens at the Golden Globes correlates to the Oscars. For example, in 2003 Jamie Lee Curtis was nominated for “Crazy Friday”, while Angelina Jolie was nominated in 2019 for “The Tourist”. The first is a comedy that has acquired a certain status over the years and is considered just good. The second, although a box office success, was harshly treated by critics (it has 21% on the Rotten Tomatoes meta site). They are not the only examples, but they show how radical the Golden Globes can be (or were), nominating stars on many occasions, more for their popular than artistic value. Neither of the two mentioned won.

It is worth mentioning that the Golden Globes split their nominations for Drama and Comedy or Musical. This allows for several categories to have five nominees for each of the categories, broadening the range of nominees and giving a little more visibility on potential Oscar nominees, which can be narrowed when popular nominees such as those mentioned are eliminated. The winners, on the other hand, already have more to do with, at least the Oscar nomination.

With its shakeup, the 2023 ceremony is important to the Golden Globes in terms of showing and proving that they are ahead of the curve and that they have corrected the path. How relevant they continue to be for the Oscars is on the table. At the moment they remain with the union awards, the BAFTA and the Critics Choice, the awards to watch to better predict (if that is possible) what will happen at the maximum ceremony, the Oscar.

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