Why does everyone love Pedro Pascal, the actor of the moment?

Pascal conquered Hollywood thanks to his charisma and his characters. He is now at the top driven by the popular HBO series ‘The Last of Us’.

At the recent Oscar awards gala, the Chilean actor Peter Pascal He drew so much attention that he looked like one of the nominees. They interviewed him on the red carpet and at the exit.

He was mentioned in one of host Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes. He also presented two of the awards, along with actress elizabeth olsen. They almost end up giving him an Oscar out of nowhere!

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Today, Pedro Pascal is a global face. That’s due to the runaway success of three streaming productions from different producers. Pascal was so successful in HBO like in disney and netflix, and all in less than 10 years.

The secret of your success

Son of Chilean exiles who fled the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, His childhood was spent in Santiago de Chile, Copenhagen (Denmark), San Antonio (Texas) and Orange Country (California).

In 1993 Pascal moved to NY, where he decided that he would dedicate himself to the theater.

And therein lies one of his ‘secrets’: the tools he obtained at the New York University.

The theater teaches to understand, investigate and work as a team. That explains why Pascal always achieves very good chemistry with performers as different as Gal Gadot, Nicolas Cage and Colin Firth.

It was changed from stage name. Born José Pedro Balmaceda, Pascal chose to shorten it to Pedro Pascal, since for the Anglo-Saxons it was very difficult to pronounce his last name paternal.

This name change coincided with the death of his mother Verónica, so he also had some posthumous tribute.

From theater to TV

Pascal has a solid career as an actor and theater director, especially of classics. For this reason, he was slow to take the step to be full time actor film and television, which are more profitable.

At first he got roles as a Latino in series like ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Law & Order’. But his life changed with the worldwide impact of the series ‘Game of Thrones’.

Although he was only in seven episodes, having played the vengeful Oberyb Martell It allowed him to be on many screens. His phone kept ringing with offers.

Now, as a stellar actor, he enjoys the triumph of the ‘The Last of Us’ series, with audience figures as large as those of ‘Game of Thrones’.

But this success has not made him dizzy, or at least he does not transmit it. Asked how he felt about having so much attention, Pascal replied this:

-But, what happens to people, what do they like in an old man like me? I don’t understand what has happened culturally.

Humility, teamwork and good humor. That explains why you love him so much. Oh, and of course, there are also his characters.

His best roles

Here are the six roles that allowed Pedro Pascal to be the most loved actor of the moment.

‘Game of Thrones’, 2014

He owes his rise to world fame to this series, in which he played Oberyn Martell. Pascal was able to give him the wild and unpredictable personality of George Martin’s books. The intense final battle with Gregor Clegane killed the character, but launched Pascal into new projects.

‘Narcos’, 2015-2017

To play the agent Javier Pena, Pascal enlisted the help of the real DEA officer. Peña and Pascal grew up in Texas, which helped create a climate of trust that was vital for the Chilean actor to excel in this series about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

‘The Mandalorian’, 2019-2023

In this Disney series he plays din djarin, the Mandalorian. He spent most of his time with his helmet on and had to compete against Baby Yoda’s popularity. But having succeeded in the first non-animated series of ‘Star Wars’ it made it worth while to have hidden his face.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’, 2020

The film failed commercially due to the pandemic, but Pedro Pascal was praised for his portrayal of the evil millionaire Maxwell Lords. To design this villain from the comics, he used as a reference model donald trumpwith everything and blonde pompadour!

‘The weight of talent’, 2022

Pascal knew how to get along with Nicolas Cage to achieve an applauded commercial comedy. Pascal plays Javi Gutierrez, a millionaire playboy The chemistry with Cage was so good and the scenes they recorded were so expressive that they are now popular culture memes.

‘The Last of Us’, 2023

In this series based on the popular video game, Pascal plays Joel Miller, a survivor hardened and haunted by the past. The series was a critical and ratings success, earning Pascal $600,000 for each of the nine episodes.

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