Why does my Movistar decoder flash?

The Movistar decoder is the crucial component for our internet and television service. Thus, it is quite likely that on some occasion we have encountered certain situations that occur in this team. Either because of the lights that occur with it, for those that turn on, for those that don’t… or even that some of them blink. Is this normal? Why does he do this?

How is the Movistar decoder

Television continues to occupy a leading role in our daily lives. Yes, it is true that it has more and more competition and that this is forcing it to reinvent itself. However, it is also that it offers more and more content and more channels. There are paid, free, satellite, international channels and even channels that broadcast over the Internet.

And there, Movistar is still in the lead, also because its decoder is one of the most interesting. As such, this (be it from the blue company or another), is a component that is added to the television in order to receive channels. They are also called satellite receivers.

Its appearance is that of an elegant ‘box’ that is connected to an antenna and transforms the signals received on the antenna into television channels. And it is not enough to transmit or receive a digital signal, it needs to be translated to be able to see it on the television. And for strictly technical reasons, not all work alike for all signals.

What do the blinks tell us?

Faced with this new reality, TV decoders represent a magnificent opportunity to give television a new life, to enrich the range of channels and even to connect it to the Internet and enjoy games and applications.

As such, there are different standards (at least four) in which the message is constructed and a special type of decoder is needed for each sender. Each operator decides which standard to use and their clients will only be able to receive the signal under that technology. That is where some of the operations that we can decipher by means of the lights that turn on (or not) with the Movistar decoder at home usually come in.

Smart Movistar Decoder

What happens when we press the On/Off button of the router? Well, a series of Leds light up, blink and in some cases stay fixed:

  • The first LED that lights up is the mouse symbol and it flashes first at a slow rate and then at a faster rate, until negotiating/synchronizing with the control unit, the LED remaining lit steadily.
  • The second Led that lights up is from the Wifi (2.4GHz) and it stays lit steadily.
  • The third LED that lights up is the Wifi-Plus (5GHz) LED, which remains lit steadily.
  • The fourth LED that lights up is that of the telephone symbol, blinking at a slow rate until synchronizing with the central unit, remaining lit steadily.

Given this, as explained by Movistar, the reason why our decoder flashes is usually due to the fact that the decoder’s internal cable modem fails to put into service. Given this, the fastest solution is to access it, rewind and catalog, the modem is working fine.

Other cool features we have

Current decoders, like the ones we can have with Movistar itself, incorporate other pretty cool features that increase the possibilities of entertainment. These are some of the most important:

  • With TV decoders, it is possible to enjoy a large number of television channels, many of which could not be accessed in any other way. Many of them are international or foreign channels that are not available in Spain.
  • The two most common operating systems for TV set-top boxes are Linux and Android. The choice between one or the other is one of the most important when purchasing one of these devices.
  • Currently, a decoder like Movistar’s has more and more features. Some can be considered practically computers connected to the television.
  • IPTV channels: programming lists that are broadcast over the internet, which means that you can watch television without the need for cables or an antenna. Of course, you will need a good WiFi signal or connect an Ethernet cable (LAN connection).
  • Personal Video Recorder: the PVR function is used to record the programming so that you can see it at any time, since it is stored in the internal memory of the decoder or in an external USB memory.

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