Why don’t you greet them at the end of the matches?

Lionel Messi retires directly to the PSG locker room after the win against Angers, a postcard that was repeated several times.  throughout the flea season

Lionel Messi retires directly to the PSG locker room after the win against Angers, a postcard that was repeated throughout the Flea season – Credits: @ESPN Capture on Star+

When referee Eric Wattellier blew his whistle and confirmed the victory of psg about Angers, where Lionel Messi returned to play for his club after winning the Qatar World Cup with the Argentine national team, his reaction was rather discreet. His intervention was key to the victory: he participated in the first goal and scored the second in a play that he started in three quarters of the field, but he did not stay to enjoy the moment. He quickly greeted the referee and some players, he joked with the linesman who had initially canceled his goal, he did the same with his coach, Christophe Galtier, Y He went straight to the locker room. She soon accompanied him neymar in the same way. His teammates, meanwhile, stayed to greet the fans in the Parque de los Príncipes.

It was a decision that left the French media somewhat perplexed, who could not help echoing what happened: RMC Sports qualifies as “distant“the relationship between the supporters of the team and the Flea, and also adds that both he and Neymar”They have not communicated for almost 10 months” with the ultras (the most radical sympathizers) in local matches. There was also reflected the decision by the Parisian club of not preparing any entertainment for the Argentine captain for winning the world championship, which made him the only one of the 26 footballers of the albiceleste team not to receive a tribute on the field of play. The explanation that it was avoided because France was precisely the loser in the final -which could generate some resentment in the public- is a bit frayed when seeing how Lyon received Nicolas Tagliafico.

Messi’s withdrawal to the locker room after his return

Despite the shock generated by the fact that he has arrived after consecrating himself in the World Cup, this is not the first time that Messi has chosen to retire without greeting the fans in the stadium. Television cameras also caught him quickly leaving the field of play, for example, after PSG’s win over Juventus on the Champions League, in which the Argentine played 83 minutes before being substituted. In the same way he worked in the tie against Benfica, where he did not complete the match either. At that time It was interpreted as a precautionary measure due to some discomfort that he feltwith the aim of arriving in the best conditions in Qatar, but the more general context indicates that it is a deeper issue.

The ten months you mention RMC Sports They refer to a particular match in which there was an almost definitive break. On March 13 of last year, PSG returned to the Parc des Princes to receive Bordeauxin the first game of the team -then led by Mauricio Pochettino- after being humiliatingly eliminated in the round of 16 of the Champions League by Real Madridthanks to a hat-trick from Karim Benzema. After that meeting, local sympathizers appointed kylian mbappe, author of the first goal in that 3-1 fall, as the only one exempt from guilt, in an attempt also to convince him to continue in Paris. However, Messi and Neymar were pointed out as the main responsible for the failure, and they were whistled every time they touched the ball. The 3-0 victory did not calm the waters, and the boos continued until the end.

The scene was repeated in the final matches of that 2021/22 season, with special emphasis on the 2-2 draw against Troyes, when they had already become Ligue 1 champions. But since then Messi’s outstanding performance in the current season , where accumulate 12 goals and 11 assists only with his club, made the Parisian fans change their position significantly. That return against Angers was perfect proof of this: due to the alleged fear of the PSG authorities that led to a failure to carry out an examination, during the previous warm-up and after his goal, chants of “Meeeeeessi, Meeeeeessi”, quenching any potential conflict on your part. But although they forgot those previous incidents, Messi seems not to have.

It is important, however, to make a distinction in terms of sympathizers who support La Pulga and those who do not, as the newspaper points out. L’Equipe. Those who chose to applaud the Argentine tend to be the “ordinary” fans, who usually occupy the stalls of the Parque de los Príncipes. On the other hand, the main motors of the most strident repudiation are the members of the Collectif Ultras Pariswhich are located in the Auteuil elbow of the stadium, and are the ones the players salute after each final whistle.

Faced with the improvement in Messi’s performance, they decided to calm down the position they showed at the end of last season, deciding ignore it and act “as if nobody was there”but their refusal to acknowledge their support at the end of games is making them impatient. And since it is a general greeting, the “casual” fan also feels that rejection to a certain extent. Besides, Omar Da Fonsecaa former Argentine player who was part of the first French champion PSG squad in 1986, offers another position on the subject: “Here the public changes a lot, because there are many people who want to come to the stadium and there are only 40,000 seats,” he points out before THE NATION the former striker, who today works for the Qatari television channel beIN Sports. “Many are tourists or come to see the show, there are fewer and fewer unconditional followers”.

This disconnection also comes at a somewhat uncomfortable time for the institution, which is currently trying to negotiate the extension of the number 30 link. Despite the fact that his contract has a clause whereby he can unilaterally renew until 2024, the current date due date is June 2023, so the Flea You can negotiate with any club to join free from July.

Messi greets Christophe Galtier at the end of the match between PSG and Angers, before going directly to the locker room

Messi greets Christophe Galtier at the end of the match between PSG and Angers, before going directly to the locker room – Credits: @BERTRAND GUAY

One of those interested in getting their services is inter miamiof the MLS American, who dreams of hitting the table. He also expressed interest al hilalgreatest rival of Al Nassr in the Saudi Arabian league, which has just closed Cristiano Ronaldo: “It is not merely about a club or a player, it is a direction that goes beyond the club”, expressed the hopeful CEO Fahed Al Mofarij. Given this scenario, PSG decided to speed up the negotiations to sign their signature: There was already a meeting during the World Cup with Jorge Messi, the player’s father and agent, and the intention of both is to meet again at the end of January. The final decision, however, is Messi himself.

However, the perceived “coldness” in the relationship with the stands of the Parque de los Príncipes would not be sufficient reasons for Messi to decide to abandon the French champion. As reported by Fabrizio Romano, he intends to renew his contractconfident that he can remain competitive in elite football ahead of the America’s Cup 2024In addition to being in good company in the dressing room thanks to his warm relationship with Neymar, Keylor Navas Y Sergio Ramos, among others. On the other hand, we must never lose sight of the way PSG is showing this season, especially when Messi, Neymar and Mbappé play together, he places him as a strong candidate to win the Champions League, the most important trophy for the club’s Qatari authorities. If this goal is achieved, it is certain that the position of the ultras towards the number 30 will be considerably more enjoyable: “It’s the one thing everyone expects and wants. The rest is for the circus”, Da Fonseca finishes off THE NATION.


Messi and Mbappé, among the candidates for FIFA’s The Best Trophy

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