Why Sandra Bullock Wasn’t the Star of “My Best Friend’s Wedding”

The role of Jules was intended for her, and not for Sarah Jessica Parker as always rumored.

This 2022 will be the 25th anniversary of the premiere of My best friend’s Weddingone of the most successful and remembered romantic comedies, which consolidated Julia Roberts and brought him closer to stardom Cameron Diaz. However, the role of Julianne Potter had been intended for another renowned actress, Sandra Bullockwho never received the offer.

“Audiences can’t imagine another actress other than Julia Roberts, but the only person who was going to be offered the role before her was Sandra. I don’t even know if he knows,” revealed the film’s screenwriter, Ronald Bass. “I think outside of them, no other actress could have played Jules. If it wasn’t going to be Sandra, it was going to be Julia, no other was thought of,” said the filmmaker, debunking the myth that Sarah Jessica Parker It was the first option that was considered from the beginning.

My best friend's Wedding
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When Roberts became the lead, she herself asked to choose her gallant for the role of Michael O’Neal. Edward Burns and Russell Crowe they tried out for the role, but the New Zealander did not do well in the test. “I don’t know what happened at that audition. It was one of the worst script readings I’ve ever seen.“, director PJ Hogan was honest in the book on romantic comedies titled “From Hollywood with Love“.

My best friend's Wedding
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In this regard, he explained: “Russell was sitting in front of Julia. He grabbed the script and he read her lines in a totally monotonous way and without looking at her even once. Even Julia stretched across the table to within inches of her face, trying to at least make eye contact. But he didn’t even look at her. And at the end of that casting, Russell came up to me and said, ‘I think it went pretty well.’ And in that moment I just knew: he was not going to be part of my best friend’s wedding‘”.

It was then that the American Dermot Mulroney was selected, as Roberts intended beforehand. However, the actress did not get her colleague drew Barrymore got the role of kimmysince the production preferred the most rookie Cameron Diaz. PJ Hogan recalled that there were “many negotiations” with Julia on that subject, since she had decision-making power in the casting and wanted Barrymore. Finally, they agreed that Diaz could stay if he chose Dermot Mulroney, whom Roberts “adored” as Michael.

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