Will Keanu Reeves be there too?


Chad Stahelski, to whom we owe the John Wick series, has his eye on Trevanian’s novel The Return of the Cranes / Shibumi. Could the director return to direct Keanu Reeves?

Chad Stahelski is known to most as the director of the famous saga of John Wick, whose new chapter, John Wick 4, is currently being worked on in Germany, while we are already talking about John Wick 5. The filmmaker, however, also has a completely different type of project in mind: the adaptation of a novel that we highly recommend you read because it is extraordinary and characterized by a fabulous protagonist. The book is titled “The return of the cranes” (in original “Shibumi”) and to write it was, in 1979, Trevanian, to which we also owe “The punishment of the Eiger”, which became the film of Clint Eastwood Murder on the Eiger.

“The return of the cranes” is a political thriller starring a man named Nicholai Hel. The last descendant of a noble Russian family who emigrated to Shanghai, he was adopted by a noble Japanese warrior who educated him in oriental values. After the Second World War, he joins the American secret services and then becomes a hitman who gets paid dearly. The book is divided into 6 parts, which are the stages of the board game go, of which Hel is an expert. Of “Shibumi” there is a sequel titled “Satori” and written by that Don Winslow who has lent his works to the cinema several times.

Going back to the film, Warner Bros. has grabbed the rights to the novel and it is very likely that Stahelski direct it, as well as produce it, and given the existence of “Satori”, there would also be room for another feature film. People close to the director say that “The return of the cranes” it is one of his favorite books. No actor is mentioned, but some time ago there was talk of a transposition of “Shibumi” to which the name of Keanu Reeves. Now, since Reeves is the fetish actor of ours Chad, it is not so unlikely that he will eventually become the protagonist of the film.


Either way, it will be some time before that “The return of the cranes / Shibumi” become reality. Chad Stahelski is in fact engaged in a long series of projects, including the reboot of Highlander and the action Classified.


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