Will Neymar ride in the new e.Go e.Wave X he sponsors?

e.Go e.Wave X with Neymar JrA little over a year after the resumption of production, e.Go presents the e.Wave X. The crossover version of its electric city car is sponsored by Neymar Jr, accustomed to much more powerful cars.

e.Go was to present at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show the e.Go Life Cross. The fair was canceled at the last minute and the small German company subsequently faced serious financial difficulties. The Cross version project has not been abandoned, however, and after the resumption of production in early 2021, here is the e.Wave X. It is also a profound evolution of the Life.

Thoroughly revised interior

On the outside we find the essentials of the Cross concept which has never been presented: black fender and rocker panels, large wheels, roof bars, new bumpers and additional headlights. All in a slightly less all-terrain spirit. The wheels thus fit 18 inches, but adopt road tires, while the ground clearance remains at a normal level.

On the other hand, it is the great upheaval inside. The first generation had a very basic looking and rather poor quality board. The design has been completely revised and gains a new block combining two screens for instrumentation and multimedia under a single glass, for a total diagonal of 23 inches. Tactile controls plus 5 “piano” keys in the lower part complete a set that seriously modernizes this passenger compartment. It’s still a little early to judge the progress of the finish.

This interior had been glimpsed briefly before the production stop on the e.Go Life Sport, and on the Cross concept.

Engine and load revised upwards

With its reduced weight and 60 kW motor, the e.Go Life had already impressed with its tone. The e.Wave X intends to do even better, since the motor now displays 80 kW. Not a word on the battery, but the manufacturer evokes an autonomy in urban cycle of 240 km. It was only 206 km on the Life with its 21.5 kWh battery. Good news on the charging front. The German city car now has an 11 kW charger which replaces the too small 3.5 kW of origin.

The price remains. Professor Shuh’s original idea was to produce an affordable electric city car… The e.Wave X now starts at €24,990… A price which nevertheless remains very far from the average price of the cars present in the garage of the new brand ambassador, Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr.

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