Will Smith: America’s laughing stock for hosting this…

Will Smith is one of the few Hollywood actors whose net worth exceeds $300 million. However, the native of Philadelphia has become a laughingstock throughout the United States for driving a model that does not exceed 10 thousand dollars. He Comes in and finds out what it is!

Months after what happened at the 94th Academy Awards gala, Will Smith reappeared. The Philadelphia-born actor posted a video weeks ago on social media of him apologizing to Chris Rock and his family after having slapped the comedian before millions of spectators and those present at the dolby dolby from the city of Los Angeles.

This kind of redemption that he sought in the approval of his public and the critical gaze played a trick on him: Chris Rock himself declared that he does not accept his apologies and social networks have also condemned the protagonist of “I’m legendby defining his words as “hypocrites” and of “not very honest”.

However, Smith has also become the laughing stock of the United States for a fact far removed from what happened at the Oscars. And it is that the 54-year-old actor was seen in a $ 10 Ford Taurus through the streets of Los Angeles. According to the portal Celebrity Net WorthSmith’s net worth reaches $350 million.

Hence, the laughter has spread around him for driving a car more typical of an average American family than a Hollywood star with millions in the bank. In addition, it was also strange to see Will in a Ford Taurus because the actor has a collection of luxury cars in his private garage.

The Taurus we have mentioned is a 2017 four-door edition with a 3.8-liter V6 engine. The maximum speed of this vehicle reaches 185 kilometers per hour and acceleration from 0 to 60 km/h in about 8.3 seconds. Ford began to produce this type of car in 1986 and since then it has become one of the best-selling brand models in the world.

+ This is Will Smith’s Ford Taurus

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