Will Smith and Jada Pinkett lose 9,000 daily followers after the scandal of the Oscars

When the red carpet was rolled out at the gates of the majestic Dolby Theater in Los Angeles hours before the Oscars, no one could have predicted what would happen in the middle of the gala. the slap that Will Smith (53 years old) hit the comedian Chris Rock (57), who acted as master of ceremonies, will go down in the history of the awards as one of the most surprising anecdotes of his existence. That March 27 – early in the morning of the 28th in Spain – will remain etched in the actor’s mind forever because after his aggression he has been sanctioned with a ten-year veto that prohibits him from attending any event organized by the Academy of Hollywood. But It’s not the only one punishment that he has received, also his fans so far have made a decision that directly affects him.

The slap, which at first left the public and the spectators in shock believing that it was an agreed prank, came after a comment by Rock about the alopecia of Jada Pinkett (50), wife of Will. She made a disapproving face and caused her husband to get up and hit the presenter. This behavior of the actor has had consequences not only in the world of cinema, but also on the part of his admirers. Will has seen how these months his number of followers is continuously and evidently declining. Although he owns a powerful group of 64.1 million followers On Instagram, each day he sees 8,537 of them say goodbye. So day after day, until losing 256,110 followers per month.

His wife has not been spared from the consequences after showing a strange attitude these months after what happened. Also, she put Jada’s involvement in the matter even more in the spotlight because Chris Rock and her they dated for a while in the past, so the theme of jealousy also hovered over the scandal. However, Pinkett did not speak of the controversy until three months after the hustle and bustle.

[Jada Pinkett se pronuncia, al fin, sobre la bofetada de su marido, Will Smith, a Chris Rock: su petición a ambos]

Jada spoke and did not expressly support her husband’s actions, warned that she did not need his help, and asked for their reconciliation. Her fans did not understand her silence for months and her lack of support for Will, so she every day since then he loses more than 400 daily followers On Instagram. The 11.8 million admirers of Jada in networks more diminishing, to the step of 12,270 followers less per month.

All these data have been extracted from the study carried out by the I Love Seo team, to which EL ESPAÑOL has had access. The company has analyzed which celebrities have been losing followers on Instagram due to their behavior and has turned them into a list that makes it very clear who are the recognized names that have received an avalanche of unfollows in the last times.

The VIPs that lose the most followers

Will and Jada aren’t the only ones celebrities what have been ‘punished’ by his followers in recent months. Other celebrities have had behaviors that have upset their fans on social networks and therefore also appear in the list of the study carried out by the expert Seo company.

In this way, you can find Cara Delevingne (29) on the ranking podium, because loses almost 2,000 followers a day. This is happening because of two kisses from the model. one of them with Amber Heard (36), because photos of both in an elevator kissing passionately were leaked and this annoyed the army of fans of Johnny Depp (58) which would be the majority of the group that has stopped following the super model. But his kiss with Selena Gomez (29) in series Only murders in the building. Those who have seen the fiction say that he looks very forced and not at all natural, so Cara is in the middle of the controversy.

Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos, on the day of the proposal at the White House in January 2021.

Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos, on the day of the proposal at the White House in January 2021.


[Tiffany Trump anuncia su compromiso con Michael Boulos, horas antes de que su padre deje la Casa Blanca]

Who is also listed as one of the celebrities to which more followers are giving unfollow it is tiffany trump (28). The youngest daughter of the former US president. donald trump (76), who attended Ivana Trump’s funeral on Wednesday with the rest of her siblings, has been starring in media headlines for years. Her antics and her eternal commitment to her partner, Michael Boulos, make her often in the spotlight, as well as her fights with her mother, Marla Maples.

Currently is losing 179 followers a day, more than 5,300 per month. But surely she will recover many of them on November 12, when at last -after asking her to marry him in January 2021 at the White House- she pronounces ‘yes, I do’ before her boyfriend in a spectacular wedding to be held in Palm Beach.

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