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A few months after the theatrical release of The Suicide Squad – Suicide Mission, to which we have dedicated a review, is already speculating on a possible sequel. James Gunn managed to revive the Super Villain Team franchise after the disastrous outcome of the first film. For this reason, fans can’t wait to be able to savor Gunn’s madness again in a possible Suicide Squad 2. Among these fans there is also the great absentee of the film: Will Smith.

Deadshot Returns

In The Suicide Squad – Suicide Mission there is in fact a big absence, namely that of Deadshot. The infallible sniper played by Will Smith was one of the protagonists of the first film, as well as one of the most loved characters by the public. Will Smith, however, had to give up taking part in Gunn’s film due to other work commitments, which had kept him busy while filming. The Suicide Squad – Suicide Mission. However, Deadshot’s character does not appear and is not even named in the film, making it possible for him to return to the big screen.

THEIt was originally thought that Idris Elba’s was a recast of Deadshot’s character and many had therefore resigned themselves to the idea of ​​never seeing Will Smith again within the Suicide Squad. However, things did not turn out this way, to the delight of many. Idris Elba has in fact played the mercenary Bloodspot, a new entry in the franchise, leaving the role of Deadshot free.

Will Smith back in the Suicide Squad

Will Smith was concerned about a possible Deadshot recast and revealed that he was relieved to discover that Idris Elba was actually an unreleased character. The actor also revealed his interest in returning as the most famous home sniper DC, opening the doors to a possible sequel to the saga.
However, remember that at the moment no sequel to the film has been made official. Despite this we know that the Suicide Squad franchise doesn’t stop there. The Suicide Squad will have its own video game, developed by Rocksteady, and the post-credit scene of the film heralds the return of one of the protagonists, the Peacemaker soldier played by John cena, to whom a spin-off TV series will be dedicated.


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