Will the client be able to decide how to pay?

According to Decree 93/2023 of the Cuban Ministry of Internal Trade, starting in February, merchants, whether individuals or legal entities, must offer electronic payment options along with cash.

This was stated by Arelis Alfonso Valero, head of the electronic banking department of the Banco de Crédito y Comercio in the province. Escambray that this measure is aimed at providing opportunities to those who prefer to conduct electronic transactions. However, he stressed that physical money will not disappear as some people do not have access to this technology or simply choose not to use it.

The regulation, in force from December to January, stipulates that those who sell products or provide services must request their QR code through the national payment platforms Transfermóvil or Enzona.

Alfonso Valero stressed that the intention is to offer alternatives to those who already have cards and electronic funds, allowing them to use these platforms without having to use cash. He emphasized that despite technological limitations, all economic entities are expected to adapt to this new situation.

Banco de Crédito y Comercio encourages merchants to request the QR code from the developers of Transfermóvil and Enzona (Etecsa and Xetid), displaying it in prominent places and educating customers on the steps to make electronic payments.

“This Electronic Payment Ordinance applies to everyone: from a pharmacy, a wine cellar or a small space to the self-employed, for example a hairdresser, a cafeteria, a restaurant. Wherever cash is generated, both options must be provided to the customer, who decides whether he will pay in cash or online.”– concluded Alfonso Valero.

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