Willie warms up before the pre-Olympic games

Spain needed to enter the arena. Sergio Scariolo assured this before the start of the friendly match with Italy: he needs a break from the routine of training, from concentration, which this Tuesday entered its 15th day. And this was strange against the backdrop of the pre-Olympic games in Valencia. 22 men were called up, but 15 started in Malaga, and while some had a bye, others entered, those with NBA time restrictions (Garuba, Aldama) and those who remained in the competition (Llull, Rudi, Juancho). Lorenzo from this latter group arrived on Tuesday after his move to Panathinaikos was made official. The point guard, a key player in this group, did not take part in the overtime defeat to the Transalpine team (84-87).


84 – Spain (10+23+21+19+11): Nunez (3), Abrines (11), Lopez-Arostegui (-), Aldama (11), Willy Hernangomez (23), – starting five-, Garuba (2), Juancho Hernangomez (7), Diaz (-), Lull (8), Rudy Fernandez (9), Pradilla (2), Parra (-) and Brizuela (8).

87 – Italy (14+14+22+23+14): Spissu (14), Tonut (12), Melli (8), Polonara (8), Petrucelli (9) – starting five, Mannion (8), Abass (-), Gallinari (16), Paggiola (8), Ricci (4) and Caruso (-).

JudgesStars: Fernando Calatrava, Xavier Torres and Alfonso Olivares. No fixed.

Incidents: The friendly match for the Olympic qualifying games took place at the WiZink Center in front of 8,005 spectators. The preview paid tribute to former Spain player Marc Gasol.

“The Selection” had to be filmed. Measure your moment. His feelings before Fonteta’s appointment. And despite the fall, it wasn’t bad. Defeat doesn’t hurt, it teaches a new lesson. It wasn’t an exciting moment. And not an excellent student. Simply put, it was a good first contact with a strong and already designated opponent with its designated 12-man squad. Of course, this is the fifth failure in a row for Scariolo’s team. after the last two World Cups, a couple in the February windows and this one. Careful. No need to worry, but take it into account.

Spain went from low to high in the contest before drying up in the final 2:30 of the fourth quarter as they cruised to a 68-61 win. give up in overtime, forcing Sergio Lull to make three goals with 9 seconds left (73-73). The Italian’s success from the perimeter between the end of regular and extra time (five threes in a row) became fatal for the team, which was hooked on Willy Hernangomez’s dominance in the area.

The Barcelona center finished with 23 points and a PIR of 23 after an unorthodox start to the game.. His connection with Juan Nunez (with whom he could share a dressing room next season) did not work out, and Pozzecco’s men took advantage of this: a partial score of 1-10 with the accuracy of Melli from the treble (two). The Spanish defense was restless and Juancho, Llull and Rudy had to come out to calm everyone down. Fernandez played his last official match at the Vitzink Center, his permanent home for Madrid since 2012. Llull improved Nunes and Alberto Diaz in the match one and Brizuela fluttered his explosive eyelashes. Paggiola and Petrucelli were the transalpine mainstay. In the last six minutes of the first half The national team reversed the score 15-4, 18-24 and 33-28 at halftime. Abrines took out a rifle.

Scariolo’s team tried to close the match as soon as they returned from the locker room. 15 points in five minutes. In threes. Abrines (twice) and Nunez were right on the outside. And Willie connected two 2+1 against Mellie’s collapsed defense against his pair. The Madrid native was unstoppable and the national team reached the maximum of +9 on a couple of occasions (48-39 and 54-45).. Italy did not give up. He rose without fear, thanks to the appearance of Gallinari and the success of Spissu and Tonut, who had the duel in their hands with 15 seconds left. Llull got it right and they controlled the court in extra time despite Aldama’s flashes (two triples) and Brizuela was the last to force a second extra period. The second and final preparatory match against the Dominican Republic will take place on Friday at the Pedro Ferrandis Pavilion in Alicante.

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