Wired magazine arrives in Mexico; wants to fill a “gap” in the market

Magazine wired, one of the most important technology and gadget media in the industry, will organize its first meeting for Spanish-language audiences in Mexico and Latin America in Mexico City. The Wired Summit Mexico It will arrive in the Mexican capital on September 21 and will serve as a preamble for the arrival of the magazine in its Spanish edition.

The Wired Summit Mexico, which will take place in the Papalote Children’s Museumwill host three stages dedicated to conferences on what is happening in the fields of financial technologies (fintech), the health industry, education, the future of electronic commerce, robotics, the video game industry, the ecosystem of startups and venture capital and the scope of the metaverse.

The organization of the first Wired Summit Mexico will coincide with the arrival in the country of the Spanish edition of the magazine wired. Although there is no confirmed date for its release yet, it is expected to be a digital edition.

The meeting will be a forum to exchange ideas, start conversations and in the words of Eber Cruz, Condé Nast’s consumer revenue manager, “it is to live a whole day of Wired as you see it in the digital publication or in the physical publication in the physical magazine of face-to-face manner”.

“We thought it was important to bring Wired Summit to the Latin market because we really do not have an event of this magnitude in the market and in the Spanish-speaking audience that really comes close in our own language to understanding these advances and the impact that technology and innovation are having on all sectors of the human being,” Cruz said in an interview with The Economist.

In addition to the three stages that will host the master conferences, there will be other more intimate spaces such as conversation tables to have an approach towards the different thematic verticals. There will also be a space dedicated to the ecosystem of startups in Mexico and Latin America, as well as workshops on different topics.

One of the strong cards of the Wired Summit Mexico will be the presentation of Cathy Hacklco-founder of Journey and considered the godmother of metaverse. Hackl is one of the most recognized futurists and one of the experts in the areas of Web3 and the Metaverse.

Loreanne García, co-founder of the Mexican unicorn, will also be present. Kavak, to talk about the ecosystem of startups and innovation. Kavak became in 2020 the first Mexican startup to reach a valuation of 1,150 million dollars and thus become the second most valuable startup in Latin America.

To date, more than 40 speakers have been confirmed for the first Wired Summit Mexico, among which are:

  • Cathy Hackl, co-founder of Journey
  • Gideon Lichfield, Global Editorial Director of wired
  • Greg Williams, Editorial Director of wired uk
  • Loreanne García, co-founder of the Mexican unicorn Kavak
  • David Geisen, country manager of Mercado Libre in Mexico
  • Ricardo Weder, founder and executive director of the digital supermarket Jüsto
  • Pierre Blaise, CEO of the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO)
  • Sasha Glatt, co-founder of Violetta
  • Diego García, co-founder of the fintech Clara
  • Anabel Pérez, President and CEO of NovoPayment
  • Ana Carolina Mexia Ponce, co-founder of Nido Ventures
  • María Gutiérrez Peñaloza, co-founder of Nido Ventures
  • David Roa, co-founder and CEO of Brainlup
  • Alvaro Velasco, CEO of SkyAlert
  • Courtney McColgan, CEO of RUNA
  • Álvaro de Juan, CEO of iVoy
  • Vivian Lan, director of the Singularity U Mexico Summit
  • Miguel Alegre, CEO of ISDI Mexico

Also expected is the presentation of the Beehive Project from UNAM focused on space exploration. The mission of the Beehive Project will be to put five robots (12 centimeters in diameter and less than 60 grams in weight) on the lunar surface to carry out exploration and mining tasks. The robots of the Beehive Project will travel on the Peregrine ship, from the American company Astrobotic and the moon landing is planned for June 2023.

The Wired Summit Mexico It will be carried out in its entirety in person and with all sanitary measures. According to Eber Cruz, holding the event in person is key to having an immersive experience and where attendees can live with robots.

For the magazine wiredthis will be their first face-to-face event since Wired 25 held in September 2020. Wired 25 brought together 25 innovators from different disciplines virtually and featured the participation of Dr. Antony Fauci, head of anti-Covid strategy in the United States. , Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, actress Brie Larson, among others.


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