With an extravagant eyeliner, Danna Paola dares this year’s new trend

Danna Paola She is one of the artists who is always one step ahead of all when it comes to fashion and trends. The singer was already encouraged to renew her look with a new eyeliner that will be all the rage this 2023 and she is characterized by highlighting her eyes so that they are the true protagonists of any outfit and any occasion. The also actress went on stage with an extravagant black that caught all the eyes of her and her fans are already dying to try it.

A new trend has just taken over the makeup world and celebrities like Danna Paola They did not hesitate for a second to add it to their makeup for the renewed style that it gives both to the eyes and to the entire face. The reason?, which creates a visual effect in the look that helps to show it off more sexy and deeper, and all thanks to an eyeliner “exaggerated“, pronounced and marked that completes any look and is in line with other similar styles that are already dominating 2023.

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