Working in the US doesn’t take away from Tony Dalton’s thriftiness

Tony Dalton is someone who saves a lot because he never knows when he’s going to go back to work.

He learned it from the 90s, when at the age of 21 he broke stones in American theaters and nothing guaranteed him to have job opportunities.

Even now, being one of the best known Mexican actors for the series Better call Saul, Derivative of Breaking bad, and Hawkeye, he continues to practice it.

“I think it is resistance that occurs in this race, it has to be understood that there are moments of great silence. I always save, you never know when you are going to continue with work, right now, I have nothing, ”she says.

Tony has been someone with a lot of presence in Mexican movies and series. He began as a writer and protagonist of Matando cabos, then repeated in Sultanes del sur and was part of the cast of Hell and Amar. Rebelde, Los Simuladores and Mr. Ávila add up to his television record.

Now, he is taking a break after filming, during 2021, the last season of Better call Saul, which premieres at the end of the month, and which he entered from the fourth installment three years ago.

In it he plays Eduardo Salamanca, a man who helps the leading family in the drug business after his uncle’s stroke. “Here all the characters say goodbye in one way or another, my character ended up really pissed off the previous one, so well, you’ll know,” he says.

“This job was something that fell from the sky, it helped me get on the right foot (to the market in English). Now I myself look for my projects”.

The sample is that for his work in the series he was called directly to join Hawkeye, to play Jack Duquesne, a man skilled in the use of the sword and who has a direct relationship with the protagonist (Hailee Steinfeld).

“There were complicated scenes, fighting with bad guys, if they call me again, I would go.”

Do Mexican producers now believe that he charges more money for being in US productions and perhaps that is why they stop calling him?

Tony laughs: “It could be that the latter is happening to me, I don’t know, but fortunately, as I already know many friends who are directors, the invitation is more for conversation”.

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