World Smile Day: today is a great day to try a smiley face

A day for good vibes: the first Friday of October is the world smile day. It has been celebrated since 1999, at the initiative of Harvey Ball, the creator of the icon that became the symbol of the Happy Face (Smiley Face). A very good initiative, since there is no more lonely plainsman than the one who cannot get a smile.

Be “high”, “medium” or “low” depending on the percentage of teeth left exposed; involve the zygomatic muscle, the main responsible for the smile; hide bitter tears or sprout from that vain and nameless territory that brings together the borders of laughter and smile, today is definitely a day to smile.

Harvey Ball 20221006
10 minutes of work, $45 profit and worldwide recognition for Harvey Ball.
Harvey Ball 20221006
Harvey Ross Ball

Harvey Ross Ball, the creator of the world’s first globally accepted emoticon, always found reasons to smile even though only charged $45 for his iconic, almost immortal creation.

He was a decorated hero in World War II and, upon returning from the front, opened an advertising agency in Worcester, his hometown in Massachusetts. In 1963, the Worcester State Mutual Life Insurance Company hired him to launch a “friendship campaign”which would improve the morale of the employees, depressed by the change of company owners.

happy face day

It took Harvey Ball just 10 minutes to create his yellow circle with a smiley mouth line. Since it would be used as a sticker on the buttons, he thought that it would be easily inverted and would end up suggesting the opposite effect of sadness. Then he added the eyes.

Neither Ball nor the insurance company bothered to register the brand and the smiley face. toured the world since then without its creator perceiving a single extra penny for the use of the image.

Patch Adams by Robin Williams 20221006
Patch Adams, the true story of a “clown” doctor determined to heal with smiles.
Patch Adams by Robin Williams 20221006
Hunter Doherty”Patch” Adams was several times healing with smiles in Buenos Aires.

His family said he didn’t regret it, because he was never interested in being rich. He lived exactly 80 years, until his smile faded in 2001. However, the creation of the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation in his honor, he will make it shine eternally.

The organization that bears his name carries out activities every year to charities that bring joy to all people around the planet and raise funds for them.

try a smile

Doctors know how many remedies save smiles in time. And Hunter Doherty”Patch” Adams knew better than anyone. His story became known worldwide when she arrived at the movies (1998) with the clown nose of Robin Williams.

Founder of laughter therapy (1972) and of the Gesundheit Institute! His NGO recruits volunteers from all over the world and with them visits different countries, dressed as clowns, spreading smiles and hopes in an effort to bring humor to orphans, patients and sad and dirty little faces.

The halftone “smile” of La Gioconda or Monna Lisa, portrayed by Leonardo Da Vinci, aroused mixed reactions.

Today, Patch Adams, as everyone keeps calling him, is in public office in America, Secretary of Health for Holistic Health, but still giving lectures for which he gets paid. €11,000, who donates to his foundation; he only receives a salary of US$45,000, which he needs to live on.

In 2005, he was at the Garrahan Hospital in Buenos Aires and in 2013 he made many smile in some children’s homes of the Buenos Aires party of General San Martin.

Charles Chaplin.
Charles Chaplin was inspired by Buster Keaton, the comic actor who, by contract, was prohibited from smiling in public; he sometimes perked up.
Does it give me a smile?

the world is full of bitternessbut also smiles. Or put another way, what better than the clowns to delve into that mysterious terrain where tears laugh and smiles cry.

And unless one is called monna lisa I mean Buster Keaton, the comic actor who was contractually forbidden to smile, there is a long list of personalities who, from tickling onwards, tried everything to blur us at least the forehead frown. Let’s start…

World Smile Day: 12 reasons

  1. “The most beautiful curve of a woman is her smile” (Bob Marley)
  2. “The wrinkles should only indicate where the wrinkles have been. smiles” (Mark Twain).
  3. “It is easier to get what you want with a smile than with the point of a sword” (William Shakespeare)
  4. “And what a pleasure, when there is nothing, that I can see, and I only invent your smile, and thus turn off all agony” (Luis Alberto Spinetta)
  5. “The child recognizes the mother by the smile” (Leon Tolstoy)
  6. “Notice that when you smile, quotation marks form at each corner of your mouth. that’s my favorite quote” (Mario Benedetti)
  7. “We should all know all the good that a simple smile can do” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)
  8. “Smiling is definitely one of the best and most beautiful remedies” (Paulo Coelho)
  9. “People who have a permanent smile in their face, they hide a strength that is almost terrifying” (Greta Garbo)
  10. “Someone who chooses to smile rather than get angry is a really strong person” (David Schary)
  11. “A great smile is the beautiful face of a giant” (Charles Baudelaire)
  12. “It takes forty muscles to wrinkle a forehead, but only fifteen to smile” (Swami Sivananda)
Liza Minelli with her mother Judy Garland 20221006
Liza Minelli and his mother, judy garland. Stories of love, heartbreak, several bottles of pills and depressions, but they survived thanks to the work and the exchange of several smiles.
Marilyn Monroe 20220531
There was a volcano of storms behind Marilyn Monroe’s smiles.
Julia Roberts turns 54: We celebrate with her most iconic looks
The freshest and most authentic smile in Hollywood is, for many, that of Julia Roberts.

many happy faces

Although it is tempting to give the first prize to Julia Roberts, owner of the freshest smile in Hollywood, a recent survey, carried out by an American company of oral hygiene and beauty products, awarded that award to the actress and singer Jennifer López. Halle Berry followed her to second place on the list and Denzel Washington led the category for male smiles.

More or less authentic, many personalities they made smiles with their ingenuity or they gave us others, indelible. Here is a tight list that each one will complete to their liking, below:

Alain Delon 20220321
That little smile…Alain Delon and Claudia Cardinale fell in love during the filming of
Il Gattopardo (Luchino Visconti, 1963).
Alain Delon 20211108
Jean Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon, two bold guys who sparked romance and smiles.
Marlon Brando 20221006
Marlon Brando, a true hard to tame, was the greatest sexual icon in the United States. The book Brando’s smile took out several of his rags in the sun and he would have died laughing…
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
Brad Pitt conquered Jennifer Aniston, America’s girlfriend “…
Brad Pitt birthday -20211215
…but it broke her heart when he left her for Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
… then Jolie left the “golden boy”…
Brad Pitt 20220706
… and he, while alternating between Hollywood and the Courts, every now and then smiles again.
Halle Berry 20221006
By popular vote, Halle Berry came in second place in the best smiles in the United States.
Tom Cruise at Top Gun Maverick premiere
What would red carpets be without the perfect smile of Tom “Maverick” Cruise?
Luis Miguel
People are mean and comment: what happened to the famous interdental gap of Luis Miguel?
Sean Connery
Let’s not waste time, there will be no other James Bond like him…
Sean Connery died: His last photo
… and even older, his smile was still perfect and lethal.
Lolita Torres
In Argentina, Lolita Torres could jump from Ave Maria a Memory and then his famous “look, I carry you inside my heart, for the sake of my mother’s health, I swear to you…”, without losing his smile.
Nini Marshall 20221006
Nini Marshall, powdered gold of the national comedy in his creations of immigrant characters -Catita, Cándida, etc-, summed up his talent like this: “My life is nothing more than that of a lady from her house who was funny“.
Dringue Farias 20221006
Dringue Farias, went through the best decades of national comedy accompanying figures as versatile as Enrique Muiñ, Libertad Lamarque and Beba Bidart. He acted as a galley aristocrat or Sinforoso, he tempted even the stones.
Luis Sandrini Clown Pepper
“Pepper and Paprika” brought together José Marrone and Luis Sandrini.
Jose Pepitito Marrone 20221006
How can we forget the “cheee! and “dear mommy!” Jose “Pepitito” Marrone?
Luis Sandrini Clown Pepper
Luis Sandrini described himself as “a sentimental comedian”, he made a few generations laugh -sometimes through tears-.
Charlie Brown
The inmortal Carlitos Balaowner of the “sumbudrule”, “look how I tremble!”, “fabulous” and “with a roof in case it rains” made half plus one of the boys from the Argentine Republic leave the pacifier.

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